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Saturday, December 22, 2012


This follow-up to the previous post THERE IS ALWAYS AN ALTERNATE VIEW,IF TIME IS TAKEN TO FIND IT, is intended to show practically what was depicted in that post for emphasis. For example some “Society’s” types whose world is consumed with luring unsuspecting customers into purchasing unneeded warranties for perpetual wealth-generation (see below photos) may not see the subtlety in this because their
world is “singularly” focused. These “Society’s” type Owners of large conglomerates can’t help from viewing all things for the perspective of “whatever it takes” to on-going revenue from their targeted undertaking, (or modern day Scrooges as depicted in that old Holiday classic). The “vulture” type methods of these Types and their Supporters leaves nothing to the imagination and an appropriate description for such types was found in that popular daily/weekend business styled publication on page R15 from a previous year, as follows, “Billion-Dollar Companies trying to - for lack of a better word - starve you out so that you can settle with them”. In some cases they even try to starve you out of what’s yours in order to take it over. It is not possible for those with this type of mindset to realize the “alternate view” without major transformations, as viewed in the examples below:
A “snapshot” of such a disposition is exemplified in the Holiday Rambler (HR) Ramblings edition from April, 1998 in, which the then Editor described what he depicted as his temperament to view events through the “sunny skies” of the Club Members no matter how gloomy it was in his immediate surroundings (see the below photos included). This is a description was what it is being depicted here, that

penchant to find the “alternate” view in developments regardless of how much conditions of despair may be persisting. The other example used in this practical pictorial was found in the May/June, 1996 edition of the National Wildlife Foundation’s, National Wildlife in an article by a lady with an ability to find the find the highlights from among the routine in her article described simply as “Black and White”. Her subjects were very carefully selected to dramatically depict the groupings from the: artic, ocean, wildlife and insect kingdoms to show how beautiful the unusual can be if pictured from a different perspective (see the below photos of the lady with
a “Sunny” disposition as I describe her). The combination of the previously described examples are what helps to gain a glimpse into an understanding of what is required in order to possess such a gift as described by the former as “seeing” through others and 2) the other “Sunny” disposition lady with the practical ability to see the remarkable in the ordinary day-to-day experiences of some very amazing creatures she discovered in her journeys. Admittedly, it is not easy to find the alternate view (especially when confronted with gloomy circumstances) but it can be developed if willing to find it, regardless of any previous viewpoints held (if any). Just  try to imagine what a different place this world would be if those currently wearing “blinders” were to adopt the courage to find the “alternate view” and pursue it.

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