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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This post is an update to the previous posts ADDENDUM TO GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED (9/1/2012) FOR AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY and AN EXAMPLE OF HIRING FOR THE PURPOSE OF IDENTITY TRANSER to show a snapshot in time for as a reference point to attempt to determine where the originals were when my family and I were on the house hunting trip to Iowa (regardless of the use of the “hollow” name by my then Employer even before I was hired showing intent to hire for the purpose of identity mangling and transfer). The below copies of the Boarding Passes from Flights 25 and 685 from 5/19/1991 raises the question,
which is the subject of this post for the record. These dormant “originals” that only seem to have blossomed after our arrival (via labels, numbers and careful mailings that attempted to establish originality via external indications) as well a history only established via (matching that of mine exactly); must have been in hiding when these house hunting trip activities were taking place. Please don’t think for one moment that because this airline is now merged and can’t be found that this flight information is no longer in existence. As can be seen here, A TRAIL STILL EXISTS! 

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J_F_Brazant said...

The use of "secondary boycotting methods" to target another (however subtle the methodology or whomever that individual may be), to in effect target me would not have to be employed if the “Society’s” types were indeed originals!