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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This revision to the post ADDENDUM TO AN EXAMPLE OF HIRING FOR THE PURPOSE OF IDENTITY TRANSFER - UPDATED is further being edited to include additional details from my old Credit Union account to include routine transactions carried out even after the dates in question (shown below) in addition to eligibility and the method through, which payments for the Mitsubishi Montero were made to CNB and the follow-up account Owners to establish ownership even in the small issues as well and by so doing address any issues being used by those in the business of altering historical records.

The Money Orders for making payments to the Montero's Account Holders were purchased initially through the CU and indirectly after the CU's relationship with the MO's Issuer changed.

This update includes a practical example of the final point made in the previous post, about the main occupation of the con artist. Simply put, just being confident in the fact that knowing he is able to take credit for my career accomplishments as well as whatever it takes to completely take over the identity of “indentured service provider” (me). There is no way this con artist and his “Society’s” types would be comfortable carrying out the type of violations of basic rights (and a subtle form of “indentured service”) unless confident of their “Exporting” deal had been in place, because too many international laws are being violated and the arrogance with, which such types carry out their actions, is evidence of the fact that a quid pro quo deal of this type has been put in place. Then as previously stated all this con artist does, is sit back and take credit for every major activity carried out by me, as depicted in the following example. The previous post AN ABBREVIATED LISTING OF THE SIGNS THAT YOU (“SOCIETY’S” TYPES) HAVE BECOME IMPRISONED IN ANOTHER’S IDENTITY documented my career enhancement courses, which were taken at the Harvard School of Public Health in 1995 and as the below photos of the registration and payment methods show, this artist appears to be busily

injecting himself in the payback terms as well, with a payment of $24.33 (the “supposed” work/employee number and birth year of his “artist”), every pay period for a total of 35 payments. This is why he felt so confident in placing his numbers on the office "wing" constructed for "very, very valid reasons". If this is not an unlawful form of indentured service, what is it? (Indentured service if I may digress, is the working for another/entity for only your physical living arrangements in a nutshell). This is evident by the fact that such types use every illegal method possible to pretend that my Proprietorship is theirs, period. Furthermore, they attempt to take credit for all my work history in Connecticut, my school accomplishments, the property here at 8263 140th Ave, Olin, IA by illegally switching property records (see he post THE CONDITIONS LEADING TO THE SWITCHING OF THE PROPERTY RECORDS AT 8263 40TH AVENUE - UPDATED, etc and even those of my son (see the post MISLABELING AND ITS IMPLICATIONS).
I have neither entered into any such agreement with anyone nor has any other individual/entity been endowed with the right to make such decisions on my behalf or of my son, Dejon (the original). INDENTURED SERVICE DOES NOT LEGALLY EXIST IN ANY FORM AND IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

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J_F_Brazant said...

As the posts GIVING "LIFE" THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED FOR AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY and AN UNMISTAKABLE AND ON-GOING PATTERN THAT HAS RESULTED IN MY DECISION TO RELOCATE (links on COMMENTS 2 Page) have documented, mail intended for specific destinations/functions can arrive completely altered (when “Society’s” types and their Supporters are involved) because of their “thin” standards (and being aware that they are not held accountable for their practices employed in their anything goes motto as long as it works); as others are. This post previously pointed out that when the payments were mailed by me to complete the Montero’s repayments, they were in the form depicted here. Therefore, being fully aware of the above, I am stating for the record that I am in no way responsible for the manner in, which the payments arrived at their destination, especially if others (known for “thin” to zero standards and the desire to be NUMBER ONE (1) AT ALL COSTS - link on COMMENTS 2 Page), are taking credit for the same payments.