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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


To circumvent this Conservery Copyright complication (as depicted below even though off line), the answer is simple, as follows:


1.     make strategic investments in targeted entities such as the NYSE and ancestry types search databases,

2.     carefully contribute to a selected educational Institution(s),

3.     commit mail fraud to make sure that those with identities based on “a business card” receive Social Security Administration (SSA) “legitimacy”,

4.     close all financial accounts of the individual being defrauded after appropriate history has been established and allow those with fictional identities to open accounts,

5.     stage surgical accidents (see the post TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF REASONS FOR EXCLUDING LOCATIONS FROM CONSIDERATION), as appropriate,

6.     switch property boundaries from one side of the road to another (see the post THE CONDITIONS LEADING TO THE SWITCHING OF PROPERTY RECORDS AT 8263 140THAVE OLIN),

7.      do whatever it takes to ensure that payments are mailed from the accounts of those with “fictional” accounts (see comment # 1 from 12/26/2012 on the COMMENTS 2 Page),

8.     make sure all critical documents or property records contain selected numbers (such as 22 to pick random numbers, including any debit type card and even a vehicle VIN if possible [see the post HOW ARE X-RAYS AND A DIVIDEND CHECK CONNECTED (EDITED 12/3/20120?] and

9.    import another individual(s) as needed, arm him(them) with a “fictional” political name(s) relating to another nearby State to enable such a type(s) to exactly mimic the accomplishments, birth year etc., of the individual being targeted, hide him (them) in some small Midwestern town with a name that sounds like Carryon and provide him with “legitimacy” via deceptive mailings with a “fictitious” address sent to the Olin office/residence (see Issue 4.1 on the CQAP depicted in the post AN UNMISTAKABLE AND ONGOING PATTERN THAT HAS RESULTED IN MY DECISION TO RELOCATE –UPDATED) and


10. arrange for any “Society’s” type individual in need of a “voice” to receive such through a Court ruling if possible (see the post WHAT WAS OVERLOOKED IN THE FREE SPEECH DEBATE). 


After all these developments, “proclaim” yourself the “original” and attempt to walk away the accomplishments/qualifications of another (including any copyright material) and try to prevent the individual who is being defrauded from defending himself against such “high class” theft and with the assistance of “Society’s” perpetual wealth-generating types, success is assured, maybe!

1 comment:

J_F_Brazant said...

Those who resort to IDENTITY MASKING AND/OR SWITCHING techniques must have taken a Page from the recently enacted Financial Overhaul legislation that allow hedge-fund managers to mask or shield the identities of their funds. This legislation required a larger group of such fund managers to register with the SEC disclosing details about their funds, managers, brokers and auditors as a result. These managers resorting to masking the identities of their funds in larger numbers to evade prying eyes. These “Society’s” types with their alter egos employ the same IDENTITY MASKING technique but illegally, while “forgetting” that such a practice is not allowed outside the hedge fund investment world.