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Monday, December 24, 2012


The two (2) scenarios below highlight the point being in this subject as follows:
  1. It can only be concluded from the actions of “Society’s” types using all types of isolated inferences to rewrite “heritages” to provide themselves with the most desirable heritages that’s affordable, that when the Nation’s Highest Court by a 6-3 majority in a previous ruling, declared it unconstitutional to hold anyone accountable for lying about their military service, that a collective “sigh of relief” went up from those with “manufactured” identities/ancestries along with those who “trade” in such for perpetual wealth-generation, because by extension those with fictitious identities can’t be held accountable as well. The only casualties were TRUTH and any individual who has experienced STATE SPONSORED ID THEFT (a very narrow group so maybe the overall benefits outweigh the negative drawbacks.)
  2. A “victory” of sorts was reinforced for those who believe in “lawsuit threats" as a means of obtaining “legitimacy” as typified by example from media reports in 2009 when a spiff between the two package delivery giants developed over a claim by one such provider with a name that sounds like Youpzs aired a commercial claiming to be the most reliable service provider based on shippers research conducted by the then Morgan Stanley in November the previous year. Rival Phextes demanded in a letter on 3/31/09 that Youpzs refrain from making the claim and filed suit as well in a Memphis, TN federal court. Faced with this “temper tantrum”, Youpzs withdrew the ad as it (just was worth the effort). However, in a 4/26/2009 follow-up Morgan Stanley follow-up survey, (as expected), Phextes received “top” billing from the shippers survey. 
What a turnaround, in a society founded on the principal of “liberty and justice for all” that: TRUTH, as well as THE RIGHTS OF THOSE IMPACTED BY STATE SPONSORED ID THEFT and THE ABILITY TO PUBLISH INFORMATION IN YOUR BEST INTEREST have all been “imprisoned” in that same society a short two hundred and thirty-seven (237) years later.

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