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Friday, December 7, 2012


The update/edit of this post is being carried out to include an example of how collateral damage is handled when the lives, accomplishments, qualifications and identities of individuals are treated as M&A objects.  
This examination of the practices of this group is intended to examine methodology and practices for methods of operation, which can in turn be highlighted as follows:
As have been documented in this Blog’s postings, the “Society’s” strengths appear to be the practice that “anything” goes implying that operating standards are “thin” as long as what ever is being pursued “works” out in the end [see the posts THE ELECTION IN SUMMATION, ADDENDUM TO THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTION’S HISTORY (EDITED 12/3/2012) - UPDATED] and CAN MY INVESTMENTS REALLY STAND UP TO INTENSE SCRUTINY?). These types tend to be gamblers (or investment) personalities with a “knack” for “finding” “distressed targets” and taking them over, a practice made famous by a certain Mogul. Blurry conditions develop however, when these “types” short on such prospects find “creative” ways to “engineer” distressed scenarios because in business even the hint of problems in any company’s business practices can lead to a “tanking” of the business’ market value. For example, when the hint of SEC focused accounting scandal broke at Kmart in late 2004 as reported in the WSJ’s 12/2/2004 edition on page A11; such conditions could be seen as benefiting the “coincidentally” “waiting in the wings” “white knight” in the form of Sears, Roebuck & Co. proposed acquisition. The lines are a bit gray as to, which came first, the investigation or the acquisition offer because such investigations can be in progress long before being made public.
Another one of the methods used by such “types” with great skill is “the art of masquerading.” For example, to convince a deliberate individual that it was “her” time to pursue an objective, in 2008 an elaborate plan was implemented even as early as 2005 by these investment “types” to help convince this Lady about this objective as even the Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) October 21, 2005 edition on it’s “Top” rated “Issues and Insights” page A14, reported about the inevitability of this “outcome”. This Candidate would discover the true intent of this sham as the events unfolded, because her candidacy was not successful and she discovered that the elaborate build-up was just a masquerade (see the post RESTRICTING AND EXCLUDING). The lesson learned here, is that the “word” and/or true intentions of “Society’s” types cannot be relied on, period, (maybe it’s because their words are “hollow”).
Another strength of “Society’s” types is covering-up their tracks, for example, when a certain con artist was “awarded” two of New York State’s most notable awards towards the end of the twentieth (20th) century in the same year (for “credibility” reasons) as reported on this Blog’s pages in the post SOCIALLMEDIA ISSUES - AN EXAMPLE OF RECONCILIATION - UPDATED. In order that these actions would not appear to be unusual in their offering, in 2001 "Society's" types arranged for a now ex CEO of a very high profile oil company with a name that sound like “Kanico Phelps” (with very deep connections to Texas politics on both sides of the aisle whose first name is similar to that of the late star of that once popular sitcom “All in the Family” and could be connected to a popular line of donuts, maybe); received exactly the same awards in a year, (2001).  
The final strength example that will be used is in two parts and involves the practice of taking advantage of clients, as the then New York State’s Attorney General reported on in the March 31, 2006 edition of WSJ. In his words, “the conduct of H&R Block was particularly egregious”. Well, the moral of what happened to that former Attorney General is now history, but one can’t help wondering if his demise in office in the manner it did wasn’t payback for having the courage to “take on” any of his “awesome” targets (see the comment # 3 from 11/27/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page).

On the other hand, the main weakness of such gambling “types” in my opinion is their application of the business practice of “finding” distress targets for takeover and applying this same methodology to the lives of individuals, by bringing about “distressed” conditions as documented on this Blog’s pages and treating them (their identities, qualifications and accomplishments) as mere objects for the “legitimacy” of others to be carved up and sold off to the highest bidders for a different application of M&A techniques for the cause of perpetual wealth generation for those with the access to resources and/or methods at achieving such in exchange for easily obtained “credibility”. This is not sound business practice for, which any Mogul, Titan or Arbiter should be relying on for “financial security”, it’s hocus pocus business that makes a mockery of the rights of individuals who are held “hostage” to the whims and fancies of a few greedy types, with “thin” business standards. THE LIVES, IDENTITIES, ACCOMPLISHMENTS/QUALIFICATIONS OF INDIVIDUALS SHOULD NOT BE TREATED LIKE M&A TARGETS (see included photo below for an example of how "collateral damage" is handled)! 

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J_F_Brazant said...

The “actual” experiences of each of the Brazant homeschooled students can’t be changed by the closing of the Olin High School (where the initial high school graduations occurred), since beginning this past school year all high school activities were transferred to Anamosa, which was the mailing point for the Social Security Administration's bound mail in, which the questionable occurrences took place (as documented in the post GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED FOR AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY - link on COMMENTS 1 Page). It is my hope that this “coincidental” development, however, justifiable is not just another attempt to alter historical events just before my youngest daughter prepares to graduate (see the REPRESENTATION OF AN EXPERIMENT ON THE PROPRIETORSHIP'S NOTABLE INTERESTS PAGE - link on COMMENTS 1 Page).