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Thursday, December 27, 2012


What are the chances of these various events documented in the post “HOW DOES STATE SPONSORED ID THEFT WORK?” being “random” occurrences, “independent” of each other? These are not samples chosen by me in such a manner as to influence the outcome but actual events that occurred. Furthermore, the relative frequency with, which these events took place has also not been influence by me because I had no way of influencing this population’s development. Therefore, the probability of these events being randomly occurring events can be determined by rigorous statistical methods but since this is not my objective, more general conclusions are being drawn especially when the developments surrounding event number 4 from the list in the previously referenced post, (post accident) are examined in greater detail, concurrent with other developments that took place.

As a result of the documented accident, which occurred at a definite point in time as previously described, my current vehicle with a VIN that “coincidentally” ends with the digits “…822” was obtained. When this development is viewed collectively with other events connected to me that also included these two last digits 22, (as discussed on this Blog’s” Pages in various posts); it is clear that they are not “random” occurrences in my opinion. Finally, the conclusion is being drawn that these developments are the result of those “skilled” in the art of identity switching/mangling “historically” as a business to produce the desired financially beneficial outcome (after the fact) to enable “walking away” with the identity of another as documented in the post  HOW TO STEAL WITHOUT VIOLATING COPYRIGHT MATERIAL CRITERIA (EDITED) ”.

NOTE: The above outcome admittedly appears to be a limited set of events from, which my conclusion appears to have been drawn. However, the result is also based on the assumption that all the occurrences in, which the numbers depicted “randomly appeared” for example, such as: 1) in a utility dividend check supportive details, 2) product delivery dates (for example ’05 Conservery calendars and other numerous other requested deliverables) and 3) the utility account assigned by my former Employer at my first residence in this State, etc. could not have occurred in the “random” manner in, which they all happened. MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS/QUALIFICATIONS WERE NOT UNDERTAKEN MERELY AS “RANDOM” OCCURRENCES TO PROVIDE “CREDIBILITY” FOR ANY INDIVIDUAL(S) OR (HIGH-SPEED RAIL) AS WELL AS ANY OTHER SIMILAR PROJECT REGARDLESS OF HIS/HER/(THEIR)/ITS STATUS!


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