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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


This is an addendum to the previous post AN ABBREVIATED LISTING OF THE SIGNS THAT YOU (“SOCIETY’S” TYPES) HAVE BECOME IMPRISONED IN ANOTHER'S IDENTITY - UPDATED/REVISED to emphasize why easy obtained “credibility” cannot just walk away with the accomplishments of another with the help of those “Society’s” types and their supporters who are benefiting financially from such arrangements.
This specific “snapshot” focuses on the work of James F. Brazant (my work) as a member of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Task Force, which developed Report TR-104872 and also of the Task Force, which produced Report TR-104873 in 1996 (see the below excerpts from those documents). These other Task Forces members with whom I interacted actually evidenced

this involvement that took place simultaneously, with the action of certain con artist who was busy giving newspaper articles to “attest” to his “credibility”. My accomplishments (see below photo of my other Task Group involvement), are not based on news articles of another's

The duration was "1994" instead of 1996.

accomplishments but my own. Those with “thin” “standards” and their Supporters who benefit financially from such arrangements with little regards for the rights of others are of the opinion that trampling over those considered inconsequential and brandishing their awesomeness and “stardom” qualifies them to act with impunity, accept such obvious “impostors” because its in their interest to but my accomplishments and identity are not for sale and those who engaged in quid pro quo deal-making in the cause of such silliness and expect me to acquiesce and “play ball” (because its in my best interest) are living in a fantasy world and this is a fallacy (even with your usual methods of achieving your objectives, harassment and intimidation subtle or otherwise). Even a hapless con artist with an “army” of supporters cannot be parading “his” “credentials” in the news media while the actual individual whose identity and accomplishment are being ravished is busy in the pursuit of professional career methods, providing assistance to others via the Task Force Groups. The assumption of the legitimacy of another is not as easy as "Society's" types would like to believe because a con artist cannot be in different places simultaneously, even with all the labels and numbers and covering-up in the world. EVERYTHING CANNOT BE EASILY PURCHASED AND/OR OBTAINED BY THUGGISM.


J_F_Brazant said...

“Society’s” types “thin” to zero standards and brandish themselves as doing whatever it takes, however, in the “real” world where actual standards exist all actions have consequences. Since there is a con artist now running around claiming to be James F. Brazant for “credibility”, my question especially since he is claiming to have worked in my identity, is the following, WHEN DID HE RESIGN FROM HIS DIRECTOR POSITION INFORM THE SEC WITHIN “FOUR” (4) DAYS AND TOOK UP HIS NEW POSITION IN MY IDENTITY? Since they are an abundance of photos and SEC filings documenting this con artist in one identity as a “DIRECTOR” utility circles, (including EPRI) this con artist must comply with SEC requirements in this regard because such an action requires SEC disclosure. Please find out when this disclosure took place, because in the US, not a country known for ITS WEAK DISCLOUSURE STANDARDS, ACCOUNTABILITY IS NEEDED AND ANY CON ARTIST MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS SUDDEN DROPPING OF ONE NAME AND USE OF ANOTHER OTHERWISE, THE PRECEDENT BEING SET IS THAT THE SEC IS ALLOWING THE “WEAK” DISCLOSURE STANDARDS OF SOME SPECIFIC COUNTRIES TO RULE IN THE USA. THIS IS NOT A REPUTATION THEY WANT TO FOSTER, IN MY OPINION.

J_F_Brazant said...

The lives of individuals aren’t objects to be treated as M&A targets, to bring about “distressed” conditions (via layoff), and then follow-up with “vulture” tactics to force an individual to “give up” his identity, accomplishments and qualifications (via quid pro quo deal-making to bring about the “Exporting” of records to transfer) and to prop those willing to pay “Society’s” types for easy “credibility”, (with perpetual wealth-generation as their main objective). The same “thin” standards individuals using these predatory methods can’t take competition in any form and resort to brandishing their “awesome” reputations to “scare away” potential competitors, routinely.

J_F_Brazant said...
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J_F_Brazant said...

Could it be that the reason why this con artist and his Supporters aren’t concerned about the SEC is related to that $33 million “sweetheart” settlement deal worked out between that Agency and BofA in 2009, (which absorbed the former Chemical Bank) through, which my finances were arranged while in attendance at Pratt - see the post ARBIRARY aCTION OR IS IT? - link on COMMENTS 2 Page, to settle claims of “materially lying”, by that Institution?