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Thursday, December 13, 2012


After having observed “Society’s” types use: 1) an erroneous business card as the source of their “legitimacy” to a location and as a result for their “heritage” (see, below photo), 2) a job offer letter (see the below photos) with specific details inserted to claim work a history that has

been proven to be non existent (see the PROPRIETORSHIP’S CHALLENGE RESULTS page), 3) quid pro quo deal-making x-rays to “create” fictional ancestries (see the posts THE UNVEILING OF QUID PRO DEAL-MAKING (EDITED) as well as HOW ARE X-RAYS AND A DIVIDEND CHECK CONNECTED?) and 4) feign fictitious heritages based on mailings such as those to the UK’s DFID office in Barbados (see the below photo inserts; I‘m now really beginning to wonder if all those
claiming to be able to trace their heritages back to the days of the “Magna Carta” days did not in reality obtain these heritages by “quid pro quo” deals as well in order to bolster their “status”.

This could be a "big" business for those in positions to enact such undertakings and even a “cash cow” for those with histories steeped in tradition and/or pageantry as well as those able to make such deals happen. Then those with the resources but lacking credibility could obtain “easy credentials” from heritages to qualifications and titles (for those with an interest in such) to easy credentials, all for a fixed fee. Walk in “rags” and exit a “wizard”. These types have the presumption to call this “fresh”, well to remind such “Society’s” types, there is nothing fresh about identity/credentials padding, it's plain old fashioned theft cloaked in perfume, to cover-up the stench.



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