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Saturday, December 15, 2012


Hiring for the purpose of identity transferring occurs when:

1. Procedures are not followed in the most critical letter to the individual being hired from May 30, 1991, notably the exclusion of a unique HR number of the form HR-91-xxxx, being assigned to the official hiring letter documenting the hiring date and unique INS details (when other trivial communication contain the required HR number – see below examples),
If the required unique traceability number is not included in this critical letter it can be assigned to anyone, because it was subtly addressed to JAMES BRAZANT no matter if the requirement was used along with vaious forms of my LEGAL name and even a "nickname" by this "ethical" Entity in the non critical letters for other purposes, see below.

2. The account number assigned by the hiring entity contains critical details connecting to the individual’s education and history and INS details ex. number connecting to the Barbados Governments authorization for transfer if funds to TCI (initially) for the purpose of educational studies (639/78-27), of these numbers shown, 27 represents the unique number assigned to this specific approval in 1978 (this was the 27th such approval in the indicated year), (see below photo),


3. The individual whose identity/records are being transferred is placed in a uniquely constructed building after attending Harvard School of Public Health in 1995 externally bearing the label of the individual to whom the identity is being transferred (33) to along with a number connecting to critical details in his life (13), which is my Mother’s birth year and date (9/13/1913) as documented in the post A TRIBUTE TO MY LATE MOTHER! as well as connects to my Oil and Fuel Contamination Monitoring System Patent No. 4,701,713, as well as the date of the approval of the Government of Barbados’ Central Bank Approval of my transfer of funds for educational purposes for educational purposes 1/13/1978 (see the post AN ABBREVIATED LISTING OF THE SIGN THAT YOU ("SOCIETY'S" TYPES HAVE BECOME IMPRISONED IN ANOTHER'S IDENTITY - UPDATED/REVISED),

4. Even the 5-year 100% Vesting Notification contains unique number connecting the individual to whom the identification is being transferred to that vesting notification even though this individual has supposedly been in the Company for THIRTY-NINE (39) years (see the below photo and the post THE EXTREME MAKEOVER OF CON ARTIST TYPES,HOW COMMON IS IT?),
5.  The individual who identity has been transferred is finally laid off after cleaning up the Program’s critical documentation (that took ten years) and made to give the appearance of questionable circumstances by the hiring entity. See the below letter documenting the circumstances written by me for the record.

In summation, in order to ensure that what has taken place appears to be legitimate, the individual is “imprisoned” financially because the individual who has stolen his identity has now retired with my identity and any appearance of me working in anything involving any of my acquired skills over the years would be evidence that this con artist is unqualified (as initially discovered by the initial CEO Duane Arnold who fired him for this very scenario as documented in the post above and my STATE TAX REFUND CHECK WAS STOLEN IN SUPPORT OF THIS CAUSE as documented on this Blog's Pages in the post NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK), but who was made over for international TRADE deals purposes by those who benefit from such. Furthermore, the continuous use of the number 53 is an attempt to provide cover for Vermont by implying that James F. Brazant is originally from Iowa. MY BACKGROUND AND IDENTITY SHOULD NOT BE HELD HOSTAGE FOR 1) COVERING UP THE EVENTS IN VERMONT FROM 1990 AND 2) FOR ENSURING TRADING ARRANGEMENTS IN A CERTAIN INTERNATIONAL LOCATION.

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