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Saturday, December 22, 2012


When individuals make decisions that impact the lives of others, they generally do so in a vacuum. Meaning, that they never expect that their “dirty dealing” actions would ever become known to the individual who would “feel” the outcome or results of their intended “life changing” decisions. However, these events if continually viewed from the “dark” side as they are intended by those who perpetrate them, can cause some to loose hope, but as the mangled locust tree fiasco of June 13, 2000 showed, action intended for despair resulted in the “birth” of Conservery, simply because a path could be seen for the foundation of a Proprietorship that none of those who were responsible for the tree’s demise foresaw and it became a reality, (see the post WHAT DO DRIVEBY OWNERS AND SOME BIRDS HAVE INCOMMON?).
Similarly, they are those who conclude that because they have implemented deals to provide cover for con artist types and even “arranged” for the exporting of my
Family’s records to allow for the creation of a “fictitious” family branch “born” as a result of an erroneous “business card” and eventually mail fraud; that this was victorious indeed and they just have to keep “spinning” their yarn until “something” works out in their favor, (being mindful of how very, very, very lucky these “Society’s” types are).
There are typically many paths that any activity can usually be implemented and as the below postage on the envelopes in, which the letters from my late Mother from July and November,
1983 depict, many combinations can be taken to arrive at the goal. At that time, the cost of the postage was $0.65 and my late Mother is depicted using at least two (2) combinations to arrive at her ultimate objective, contacting me. Similarly, those who are of the opinion that they can continually use the guise of identity switching to cover their true intentions will ultimately be exposed in spite of their numbers and resources because of their penchant for arrogance and “playing” god with the lives of others. No individual has the right to dictate the life of another, via feigning support for known “frauds” to implement their true action and in addition, attempt to impinge the character of the individual being “trampled” over in an attempt to cover up their objectives.
As my Mother demonstrated by these two (2) selected mailings, she showed flexiblity as appropriate to achieve her desired objective. However, finding the alternate view is difficult and not easily attainable as many attempt but "few" succeed.

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