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Friday, December 28, 2012


This post is a follow-up to comment # 2 from 12/27/2012 on the COMMENTS 2 Page to attempt to answer the question raised to find a logical answer to why would such be permissible in this environment after the disastrous fiasco identified that went “unnoticed” for so long by so many. Well it would appear that those in the IDENTITY MASKING AND/OR SWITCHING business are “held” to different “standards” than most in effect they must be “Society’s” types. These types can: a) commit mail fraud, b) enter locked vehicles and “plant” evidence, c) close financial accounts of a targeted individual without reasons, d) obtained Social Security Administration “legitimacy” based on a “flawed” business card, e) completely take over the history of a targeted individual (including accomplishments and qualifications), f) steal a State Income Tax Refund check “to prove legitimacy”, g) illegally switch property records from one side of the road to the other to prove “authenticity” and h) after all these highly “ethical” practices claim to be the “originals” without consequences [see the post HOW TO STEAL WITHOUT VIOLATING COPYRIGHT MATERIAL CRITERIA (EDITED) ].
If you are able to carry out such activities as documented above and still present yourself as an ethical business operator of ANY type (even believing yourself to be a type of "Sultan of Panama"); then you can also ensure that financial overhaul guidelines also include a needed loophole for IDENTITY MASKING (AND/OR SWITCHING) in case the cloak of anonymity is needed at anytime to “hide” inexplicable funds of your "Society's" types and “gloat” that you are preferred five (5) to one (1) over another not in your “Society”. What is the moral here? If any individual is willing to operate in a “fictional world” with thin to zero standards and not be held accountable for illegal and/or highly unethical actions perpetrated, in the name of legitimacy and perpetual wealth-generation, then the “Society’s” type existence is the place for you. However, if you are the one (1) interested in CHANGE to be capable of ADAPTING TO SEE THE ALTERNATE VIEW, then THERE IS NOW ALSO A REAL CHOICE AVAILABLE. However, be warned “Society’s” types cannot take competition of any type, it’s their way or “WAR” (see the post NO BASIS FOR INVOLVEMENT IN PRIVATE MATTERS AS GUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION).

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