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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Apparently quite a great deal as will be discussed in this post. First, certain terms are in need of being explained, such as "DRIVEBY" OWNERS. "Driveby" Owners are those who as the name suggests are “fictional” creations who believe that ownership can be obtained by mimicking and easy after-the-fact actions (such as obtaining social security “legitimacy” via mail fraud, etc.), and that if their activities are carried on often enough, (such as using the cover of darkness to “driveby” the Olin, IA residence at 8263 140th Ave daily), it will transform them into “credible” owners.
Unfortunately, some of nature’s birds have learned from these “driveby” owners, such as sparrows. As tiny as Sparrows are compared to other much larger birds, they can be very fierce competitors and will drive a much larger Robin from its carefully constructed nest if it becomes the object of their desires. Maybe they learned this habit from “driveby” owners, who use the same methods. Then they are “cow” birds who will go to the unusual lengths of actually laying their eggs in the nest of other birds nest and pushing out the eggs of the other targeted bird and then allowing the other bird to do the hard work of raising their young. These birds actually will end up raising the much larger offspring of other birds often to the detriment of their own much smaller offspring, unable to compete for the for food with the much larger and faster growing “foreign” bird among their own eggs. While this is possible with most birds, not all can be deceived in this way and only the most discerning will actually push the ‘foreign” eggs from their next, but most are not so inclined. 
Most birds though are notably very good protectors as this Barn Swallow is “snapped” (in the below photos) doing at the base of this southeasterly facing Locust tree at the newly forming

Phlox garden at the Olin, IA residence depicts. “Driveby” owners and their “creators” believe in easily obtained “credibility”, etc., because “real” Owners who are faced with transformations know that such take time as the below photos of some of the
transformations at the Olin, IA residence show. A feature not possessed by those with only easily obtained “everything” as their goal and then using “thuggish” practices (in all its forms) afterwards to “prove” “legitimacy”, because they have no backup plan except for more vandalism. These types believe that they will ultimately succeed in their unethical methodology path bent on “proving” “legitimacy”, so much so that they will continue to use every “whimsical” trick in the book to show “originality” (or “freshness”), even though clearly the FACTS are not with them, but “Society’s” types and their protectors have “thin” standards and will always use their “thinly” disguised methods as well as intimidation and numbers to attempt to trample over those from whom they are stealing.
These are the facts, from the day in the late 1990s when the Olin, IA residence was marketed as relocation was being contemplated, with the same Phlox garden Locust tree as the central focus of the marketing as shown in the below photo, its days were numbered. It was only a few 
Iowa Realty is a wholly owned subsidiary of Midamerican Energy - when this marketing took place, the 3-acre plot was on the right side of the road travelling north to south and IT STILL SHOULD BE!
years later in on June 13, 2000, a date corresponding to campaign event held by a certain then candidate, this Locust tree met its demise under very unusual circumstances as documented (under the CONSERVERY INCEPTION SECTION - CONSERVERY PROPRIETORSHIP’S Page) and it was from this event that Conservery came into existence. “Society’s” types would like the best of both of their “two faced” world. You cannot use something, which resulted from a planned vandalism act and then claim you were responsible because you were the originator of the vandalism that led to the demise of the Locust tree. This is the “real” history; it cannot be changed by time, resources, altering of tax records (see the highlighted section of the post THE EXTREME MAKEOVER OF CON ARTIST TYPES, HOW COMMON IS IT? and/or identity switching, etc. Being the originator of a vandalism act NEVER qualified anyone for being the originator of anything. This could be the ONLY avenue via, which such could be even contemplated by twisted thinking because such types are concluding, “if we had not destroyed the tree, Conservery would never have been formed”. This is flawed, thinking, logic and “driveby” ownership in its most deluded form, by those accustomed to using their “awesomeness” to stifle out competition by any means necessary. TRANSFORMATIONS AS WELL AS THE BUILDING OF ANYTHING FROM THE GROUND UP USUALLY TAKES TIME, PERSISTENCE AND INCREMENTAL SUCCESSES DESPITE THE POPULAR THINKING OF THE DAY; A FEATURE THOSE “SOCIEYT’S” TYPES FAMILIAR WITH TAKING OVER THE COMPLETED ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF OTHERS ARE NOT KNOWN FOR. 

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