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Sunday, December 30, 2012


This is an update to the previous post UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES RULE THE DAY in the interest of accuracy after conducting additional research to ensure that a more completed picture was being viewed of the circumstances surrounding the example 2 used regarding the delivery giants with names that sounds like Phextes and Youpzs, and what was realized was that this entity’s (Phextes) Founder and CEO guards the position of the Company he founded in 1971 with much passion. Furthermore, there is an ongoing and long-standing rivalry between these two nemeses. Therefore, this Entity’s position has to be viewed in this light because of the intense competitive nature of their business. For example, when the Phextex CEO announced in July 2010 that his organization had purchased new transportation equipment, which in his opinion would be a “game changer” in the competition with his archrival Youpzs in the Asian delivery and pickup route. Youpzs immediately responded that they did not believe the new equipment would a game changer of any type and even if such was the case, they had the means necessary to adjust their own network to neutralize any competitive advantage even if any such were to occur. The Founder finished his announcement as reported in that popular daily/weekend Business Publication from July 14, 2010 by pointing out that “the secret of this business is you’ve got to have a defensive strategy, as well as an offensive strategy.” Therefore, in conclusion, it is being pointed out that the actions of both Phextes as well as Youpzs have to be viewed in the light of these highly competitive circumstances.  

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J_F_Brazant said...

This amendment of the previous post does not indicate that this Blog is in favor of the lawsuit tactics of various entities as documented. This update was carried out to provide background about the industry for the record and the methods employed by either delivery package “giant” to refrain from the appearance of taking one specific side over the other. This Blog still does not support the use of lawsuit tactics (as documented) just as it does not support other corporate tactics that allow corporations to act as entitled dictatorial entities (with a “voice”), such as over voting.