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Monday, November 19, 2012


The contents of this post are being edited for applicable content highlighted below) and to answer this question, how is dividend check #258272 received on 10/22/2012 (here in Olin, IA) connected to my Sister’s x-rays received on 10/26/1991 at the Cedar Rapids apartment which was my first residence here in Iowa (see below included photos), will be explained is this description. However, the events have to be relayed in the order in, which they occurred

The unveiling!

as follows. Shortly after relocating to Iowa, my Sister (with her two children visited me in Cedar Rapids) about a month after my arrival and her visit at that time circa June/July 1991 was ostensibly a stop by while on her way to the Disney theme Park and did not make any sense from my perspective, since I had barely moved into my new apartment. However, in retrospect, I am now guessing that I never really knew the “real” purpose of her visit. Again focusing on these two mailings, they were received exactly twenty-one (21) years and four (4) days apart as well as fourteen (14) days prior to the November 6, 2012 election to enable this con artist to vote "legitimately" (to keep the Vermont cover-up alive and well) and if I had to interpret this further from the perspective of a “Society’s” type person, I would conclude that these two mailings are indirectly providing “legitimacy” to other “Society’s” type individual(s) in Illinois and Georgia as well (see the posts) ON-GOING COVER-UP OF MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD AND ITS SYMPTOMS as well as EXPLANATION OF A DISASTER PRONE WINDOW DRESSING PERSON). In order to get to the heart of this matter, any similarities/commonalities between these two mailings (if any) have to be determine to understand how the workings of this fraud is being implemented. One glaring thing stands out, namely that the date of the receipt of the Dividend check is the same as my Sister’s birthday the 22nd but of the sixth month for, which she was named. There is the connection between these two October mailings. Now, She has never visited this Olin, IA residence but to “Society’s” types never having visited a location, school, business, residence, State, etc., is not a deterrent, to claiming some desired goal and a action as trivial as placing numbers on an office “wing” can be used as an indication of “legitimacy” to enable a con artist to assume all the engineering accomplishments and life’s history of another. Therefore, it is my hope that these mailing aren’t being used as a pretext to symbolically provide Her (and other “Society’s” types) with a connection to this Olin, IA residence, since we no longer communicate. My basis for this conclusion is the amount the check was made out for, exactly FORTY-NINE DOLLARS AND FIFTY-EIGHT CENTS ($49.58). As pointed out in the post SUMMARY OF HIDDEN DANGERS/UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES AND OTHER ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH HAVING “VIRTUAL” IDENTITIES - UPDATED, MY Sister’s birth year is 1949 (whether or not she acknowledges it or not at this time, because my brother was not born in 1949). Now if I had to guess, it would appear as if the second digits 58 are reportedly associated with some educational institution in this State and used together in typical “Society’s” style appears to be an attempt to provide cover to a con artist to validate his “story” of an being educated in 1953 at this “Institution”, when she ONLY four (4), which is total nonsense. As previously stated, I don’t appreciate being used and “imprisoned” as a mere object for the “legitimacy” any “Society’s” type individual(s), even my Sister included. These events now serve to confirm that he is in fact ONLY trying to take credit for my school work and engineering accomplishments, that why it was three years that took to obtain his degree (as I did). A very “real” picture is beginning to form as to the basis for my Sister being “wined and dined” at Disney in Florida in 1991. The quid pro quo benefits are beginning to become clearer (for those who are of the opinion that I am not aware of the extent of their “little” “identitygate” masquerade - see the post THE CASE OF THE MISSING DEAL-MAKER). Just imagine being sold out by one’s Sister for an all-expenses paid Theme Park attendance trip from Barbados to Orlando, Florida. Now I know how much She really thought of me, but I am not shocked (for in referring to me as documented in the excerpt from my Mother's letter from May 17, 1978 from comment #1 from 11/26/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page, she told my Mother as reported in her letter, I heard from YOUR SON, my Sister's way of implying that I was my Mother's favorite), but I would never do anything of this nature to her if the situation was reversed!

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J_F_Brazant said...

As previously stated on this Blog’s Pages in comment # 3 from 11/24/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page, events just “coincidentally” occur in the lives of those whom “Society’s” types are targeting; such as occurred to my Mother on September 29, 1991, exactly one hundred and eleven (111) days after I relocated to Iowa in 1991, when she passed away on that notable day. There are those for whom LABELS AND NUMBERS are such a representation of reality (see comment # 1 from 11/27/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page and the below photo regarding my first residence in Iowa), that they have concluded since she “coincidentally” passed away on the TWENTY-NINTH (29TH), with the “stoke of luck” of this occurrence, such a “nugget” can be utilized in the altering of historical records to provide a “hapless” con artist with no “vehicle”, “history”, “identity”, “meaningful skills” or “pets” a “new life” in the 29th State and by so doing cover-up the events in the fourteenth (14th) State from circa 1990 and all things can be reinvented around this “timely” occurrence in order that my Mother could be provided with a son she NEVER had, KNEW NOTHING about and WOULD NEVER BE COMPLICIT WITH in anything that would have altered her heritage as well as that of my Father; regardless of the brand of magical “tea” consumed to concoct such nonsense. I cannot think of any other explanation for such dribble, these individuals must be drinking “funny tea” and in possession of resources enough to “invest” in magic acts (and/or EASILY OBTAINED CREDIBILITY - link on COMMENTS 1 Page) to have dreamt up such “tales”, with little regard for whose rights are trampled upon along the way, (including the dearly departed).