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Friday, November 2, 2012


This update to the post “WHEN IS AN “ACCIDENT” NOT REALLY AN “ACCIDENT”?”, focuses on taxes and specifically why would “Society’s” types feel comfortable stealing a State Income tax refund check but not the Federal Income tax refund check in an attempt to find answers to these “looming” questions (see the below photos) for some measure of clarity to that infamous

Federal Tax Returns Mailed on 2/11/2012

Federal Income Tax Return Refund Check Received on 4/16/2012 (same date as my Divorce Decree)

event. The below photo shows the process used for filing my State Taxes only since


my Federal taxes had been filed earlier as the below photo shows. The notable thing about my taxes is that my older daughter is not included on my taxes when filing was carried out and has not been included since turning 18 (whenever filing was carried out). There are many unanswered questions in the stealing of this tax refund Check (see below photo), and since


this matter is of interest to me, my investigation is being enacted to find clues and or answers. The first question is how can State Refund Check # 20312563 be stolen by anyone who was clearly incapable (since possessing “two faces” – one public and another private does not allow for visiting any business and carrying out any transaction), of being in anyway associated with the filing of the taxes in the first place, (as the previous photo documents that the filing of the State of IA income Tax Returns, which resulted in the Refund in the amount of was paid for by me at Freedom Tax Preparation’s Office )? I guess there is more to Tax Freedom than meets the “eye”. The next question of interest is why was Federal Tax Refund Check # 358 22943109 not stolen? Maybe one explanation lies in the fact that the tax preparation was carried out by me personally and not paid for as was carried out for the State Tax Returns [the main reason for seeking outside assistance was due to the fact that my Daughter had not filed prior to her accident and on her release from the Ankeny, IA facility, I took steps to ensure that her taxes were filed with their complications involved in her “questionable” Scholarship she received from Principle Financial, which I did not want to be associated with in anyway].

The filing of my Federal Taxes introduced complications for some “Society’s” type who may have been filing fraudulent (or garbage) taxes, which on the last occasion I checked was a felony, using my daughter as his tax filing cover [see the post AN ABBREVIATED LISTING OF THE SIGNS THAT YOU (“SOCIETY’S” TYPES) HAVE BECOME IMPRISONED IN ANOTHER’SIDENTITY - UPDATED]. These are the complications introduced, first as previously mentioned, the oldest of my two daughters has not been included on any tax returns filed (when such were carried out), since she turned 18, and this “two faced” type possibly does. The second complication lies in the fact that my younger daughter is the only “legitimate” dependent filed on my tax returns and especially since she still lives at the Olin, residence, where my older daughter had not resided since 2007, after moving to Cedar Rapids to be closer to her then place of employment. The complication herein is this, how can this discrepancy be reconciled if filing fraudulent taxes? I cannot prove this with any degree of certainty but in my opinion any method that resulted in her being back at the Olin residence would resolve the questions, period. All that can be stated is what occurred since my Federal taxes were filed on February 11, 2012.
On March 4, 2012 the oldest of my two daughters was involved in the “accident”, which is the focus of the previous post WHEN IS AN “ACCIDENT” NOT REALLY AN “ACCIDENT”?”. She was hospitalized for that “accident” that coincidentally involved “traumatic brain injury” and was released to a Long-Term care facility for treating such injuries on March 21, 2012, where she stayed until April 20, 2012 (see the included photo below). My older daughter being “strong
Note the Account # in this Excerpt from the Treatment Facility BRA DAN 12 64 (or 3 3 12 64)!
willed” and accustomed to being on her own and who does not like taking recommendations from anyone, was  released from the Long Term Facility and (much slower than her previously self) returned to her campus apartment on April 29, 2012 after staying at the Olin residence for a week at best. However, in July a combination of the “pressures” associated with her injuries and living on her own, working while attending school proved to be a bit much and she entered another Medical facility for a short time and was released and returned here to the Olin family residence on July 29, 2012 and moved completely out of her School apartment around the same time where she has remained since.

The complication, now (in the mind of some “Society’s” type) has now been resolved, with my oldest daughter back at the residence her at 8263 140th Ave, Olin, IA 52320-7708. Was this a long-range plan to resolve the complication of some “Society’s” type filing fraudulent tax returns ever since Danielle entered the State in 1991, (see included photo below) with a need to

Mailing Received Seven (7) Months After Relocating to IA Announcing her Connection to Some "Two Faced" type from IA   
connect to Connecticut and specifically Still Hill Road, Hamden her birthplace? I can’t answer to any degree of certainty, but I have learned over the years that what appears to be coincidental usually is not, and a scenario that just so happens to address the tax filing complications of a Felony Tax Filer is too much for to accept (especially where State Sponsored ID Theft) is on display as shown in the prior posting. The only thing left is the receipt of another check from the conveniently re-election delayed Class Action Suit to piece this all together and over-ride the receipt of the previous check by me only on this occasion, my oldest Daughter will be at the Olin residence (I will not receive this check after the re-election) and the Tax Filing complication will be resolved. Who knows this scenario may even end up being part of a multi-faceted quilt! This sequence of events definitely would explain why any individual(s) would be comfortable stealing a State tax return check, not the Federal Check (because that would be too obvious) and the answer lies in the above discourse especially if the entangled “quilt” of various “two faced” “Society’s” types are depended on it for legitimacy - connect the dots…!

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J_F_Brazant said...

The purpose of my position as described in comment # 1 from 11/8/2012 on the COMMENTS page, should not be interpreted as an opening for those who embarked on a Trojan Horse scheme that began on March 4, 2012 (who are in the habit of using ANY means needed to implement their objectives), to continues on their merry way, to try to keep me here in this State “by any means” and by so doing prevent my relocation, because of the opportunistic decision-making of some with little regard for the lives of others). The statement made was just that and nothing more, namely, her decisions are her own and every avenue pursued by her should not be always viewed as an opportunity for manipulation by those who are intent on altering my direction planning, to coincide with the schemes. Please remember, ALL are “free” to choose not just “Society’s” types who chose their lot.