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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This is a follow-up to the post AN ABBREVIATED LISTING OF THE SIGNS THAT YOU HAVE BECOME IMPRISONED IN ANOTHER’S IDENTITY, to first point out who “you” refers to as well as the extent to, which “Society’s” types and their supporters go in an effort to “establish” legitimacy at the expense of others, by immersing themselves into any and all potential established links/agencies in society that help establish identity in order to bolster their private alter egos. Eventually, these types will supplant the legitimate individual(s) because of the extent to, which they go in their effort to control all aspects of society’s avenues for maintaining law, order and authority.

To examine the results of this methodology if any random numbers are selected and for ease of effort the numbers 33 are chosen, also let’s suppose that a (two-faced) “Society’s” type individual is associated with these numbers (see the post the HOW IS ACCIDENT INDUCED IDENTITY TRANSFER COMPLETED?), the intricacies of how this mechanism is entangled will be the focus here. The practices are used by such types because they appear to have a fetish for “piggy backing” to brandish legitimacy. Since these “Society’s” types have will only encountered those they are using for legitimacy much later, backdating records is a favorite tool (see the post HOW TO IMPLEMENT IDENTITY THEFT AND LEGITIMIZE FRAUD?) to alter historical records, etc., because with the “unlimited” resources at their availability this can be accomplished. Let us examine school records, if you have records of your school attendance, they are prime property because evidence of attendance at a higher institution of learning is a targeted prize such because they are typically placed in “prized” positions (such as CEO’s, Boards of Directors, Political Office holders, etc.). Since my social security number was my identity number while attending college, that can’t and only a single number can be assigned to one individual this cannot be usurped. However, records can be expunged to remove evidence of attendance with the appropriate connections/contributions and financial records can taken over to attempt to establish “legitimacy” for ANY fraud desired by way of the illegal redistribution schemes implemented by “Society’s” types to provide “legitimacy” for members of their “club” (see the CHALLENGE VIDEO on the CONSERVERY’S CHALLENGE Page). However, my alumni number (0081833), first issued in 2011 if carefully examined will provide evidence of these same two numbers (see the below photo). In addition, when a copy of my diploma was requested in 1999 (since the original was never

Alumni ID Card from 2011
recovered from amongst personal belongings placed in storage when moving from Connecticut to Vermont in 1989), the container was received with the envelope addressed in the following zip code (53320), even though nothing provided included this “incorrect” zip code format, (see photos included below, which shows the corrected address code).

Address Envelope With Replacement Diploma With Address Enlarged

Check From 6/3/1999 For Payment of Replacement Diploma


I am a legal permanent resident and in a way this provided the perfect backdrop for the identity switching that have taken place. My choice not to pursue citizenship was a personal one and should not have been exploited by those seeking to legitimize fraud and “perpetual” wealth generating schemes to cover-up the events that occurred in Vermont in the late 1980’s/early 1990s (see the post THE COVER-UP IS MORE COSTLY THAN THE ORIGINAL ACTION). However, to justify this deception after relocating to this State in 1991, when my now ex spouse finally applied for her Driver License after the purchase of the 1989 Silverado from the then Schoon’s Dealership (see the post CONNECTING THE DOTS FROM 1994 THROUGH 2005 ARBITRARILY), it coincidentally was the number xxxxxxx33 ending in these two carefully selected numbers, “randomly” chosen for her, and this is the significance of the form of address Mr. & Mrs. James (F.) Brazant, when applied to my former spouse and I, signifying that both identities (see below photo)

Former Insurance Agent's Mailing Envelope of 1/31/2012
are being relied upon to provide a member of their “club” with “legitimacy. How else could a “Society’s” type with no fixed identity, demonstrate “legitimacy” and citizenship’s, except by “piggy backing” to a New Yorker, with "cherry picked" convenient records? Ultimately, for such a scheme to be successful, the “Society’s” type has to be embellished (externally) in the location centrally important to where these original events occurred (especially since the individual does not have any “real” connection to this location). These adornments took place towards the end of the 20thCentury (see the post SOCIALLMEDIA ISSUES - AN EXAMPLE OF RECONCILIATION - UPDATE). However, in order for any “Society’s” type person to also“demonstrate” a connection to a family member, a U.S. citizen to reinforce citizenship, my daughter’s Driver License also includes these carefully selected numbers while ending in her mother’s birth year, in this manner xxxxx33xx.

Finally, when I “coincidentally” received notice from my former employer in 2011 indicating that I was underpaid in my Cash Balance Pension Plan when l received such after my lay off from the Company in 2002, a method had to be put in place to enable any “Society’s” type reliant on these numbers for tax filing “legitimacy” (at my expense) would still be able to file tax returns “legally” even though I would be filing as well. The process eventually used is an example of how well these “Society’s” types are entrenched in the various branches of society’s mechanisms, resulting in the subtle manipulating of the Tax code to provide any such individual(s) with the advance knowledge that taxes would still be filed in the style of this typical“piggy backer” and others using private alter egos especially since such types are uncomfortable with surprises (for obvious reasons). In the end, the method chosen conveys a great deal about the character of the Society without of a word have to be written to convey the thoughts behind it; namely the number 37 was “coincidentally” included in the 2011 Tax Filing Instructions for Form 1040 on separate occasions a total of two hundred and thirty three (233) times in various formations (see the posts ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS as well as THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY). In the end how, these Society’s” types ultimately were able to file taxes “legally” was by stealing my State Tax Refund check that had been cashed. Here also a method had to included to convey to such a “Society’s” type that stealing the check would be permitted, (see the below photo of State Refund Check # 20312563) in, which carefully concealed are the

State Tax Refund Check # 20312563 With Administrative Nos. Highlighted


two "random" numbers administratively placed in this format 33-72; again giving notice to the extent, which such types are entangled in society’s various branches for ensuring Authority, irrespective of the level (see the post NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK). IF ONLY A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL IS ABLE TO COMPREHEND THE VAST NETWORKING CAPABILITY OF THESE “SOCIETY’S” TYPES, AS A RESULT OF THIS OUTLINE FROM THIS “RANDOM” NUMBER SELECTED; THEN THIS EFFORT WILL HAVE BEEN WORTH IT.   




J_F_Brazant said...

The reason why it’s difficult to expose “Society’s” types is due to the fact that such individuals are very adaptable, which is an essential part of possessing “two faces” (or one public face and another private alter ego). It must be remembered that exposure is essentially a “kiss of death” to such types, therefore nothing is spared in the effort to close ranks and protect any member of the “club” in danger of such; because with no “real” identity and as a result, skills and needing the cover of another’s legitimacy” to provide the semblance of something “real”, any avenue will be utilized to acquire resources, and avoid being exposed (included their “real” methods of obtaining resources) because too much is at stake. Therefore, with potentially “unlimited” resources at their beck and call, a new “angle” will always be found to “present” legitimacy. This is the “mark” of a fraud/impostor (con artist) - always adaptable (hence their fetish with always being number one (1), no matter what because too much is at stake (see the posts ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE as well as NUMBER ONE (1) AT ALL COSTS - links on COMMENTS Page).

J_F_Brazant said...

An interesting observation to note is the fact that prior to relocating to Iowa, none of my identity-related courtesy information contained any of these combinations of numbers relied on by “Society’s” types so heavily for their brand of legitimacy (see below photos - on COMMENTS Page); they were just random combinations of numbers not issued to provide any “two-faced” type with legitimacy. Therefore, the reliance on the use of specifically selected numbers to provide an con artist with a alter ego, is unsubstantiated by any ability to allow any individual(s) whether or not supported by any “Society’s” type Mogul, Titan, Arbiter of “THRUTH” OR Opportunistic Supporter TO CROW about as being “legitimate” and possessing any authenticity beyond the borders of this State by relying on the manipulating of historical records and certainly not to allow such to use stolen records (ex Vehicle Registration Billing) to cast ballots. If any such ballots are cast whomever these types voted for are definitely supporters of the “Society’s” types needing complicated quilts and all types of questionable “virtual” records. Time will tell!