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Saturday, October 13, 2012


This topic is an update of the previous post ONE PECULIAR COMPLEXITY OF SOME RELATIONSHIPS, to take a look back at the subject matter, which led to this Blog’s inception for some added insight, as appropriate. Furthermore it is being dedicated to a specific individual(s) who may have experienced such and has(have) not allowed the experience to introduce sufficient doubt of the type that concludes, “all of this class are the same”, and in this manner prevent the hope of renewed “life” (or companionship - see included photo) that comes around


every spring (for some or at some special time in the fall for others), is kept meaningful”.

In relationship’s, it is not always possible to tell at the outset, whom you are becoming involved with, and the added tools available in today’s society, where individuals can transform themselves with a click, complicating the process, it is not made any easier. Simply put, some have mastered the art of masking their “real” personalities as others have mastered the practice of identity switching. For such types, relationships as everything else in life is simply a “game”, irrespective if whose life (or lives) are “torn” apart, and/or ravished along the way, as long as their objectives are fulfilled.
These individuals are not always readily apparent and it is often downright difficult to tell whether a genteel individual(s) has(have) been encountered or a “pig” masquerading in chameleon-like attire. They are characterized by being knowledgeable on “all” matters no matter the subject and must have the last word, always. Those who have had the misfortune of becoming involved with such, have to careful not to become drawn into their misguided and distorted view of such individuals and treat others in the manner as have been experienced. An example would be to become deceived into also believing that having the last word is an indication of strength or victory and in turn treat others in this same fashion because of having been coerced into believing that this is the norm. Some with this trait are not above embarking on the display of “dramatic scenes”, whether its tears or some other type of melodrama, as log as it serves their objectives, no matter what!
Eventually the realization sinks in that the individual(s) or personality types being dealt with is (are) nothing more than“street-wise” personality (personalities) that have conquered the end justifies the means syndrome that many has been tricked into believing is justifiable, whether in business or personal life, (see the post CAN MY INVESTMENTS REALLY STAND UP TO INTENSE SCRUTINY? Remember investments as used in this context can be a metaphor for any similar situation). After dealings with personality types such as these, it must always be remembered that hope can be compared to the life, which can be relied on in the spring or fall to either flourish in all the ways that we were meant to be or “hide” as some of nature's types do instead of facing “life” unimpeded. ONLY THOSE WHO ARE ABLE TO RISE ABOVE AND “STEP OUT” OF THIS SYNDROME WILL TRULY BE ABLE TO LIVE THEIR LIFE OUT OF THE SHADOWS OF ANY OTHER, AS THEY WERE MEANT TO BE.    

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J_F_Brazant said...

The following is one of my favorite "special" (dated) Fall quotations: REMARKABLE SKILLS ARE BEST FOSTERED WITH SUPPORT – The Explanation.
FOSTERING WITH TRUE SUPPORT, RESPECTS the Individuality of another & UPLIFTS when needed; on the other hand, it DOES NOT, OVERWHELM, attempt to DOMINATE, RESTRICTS or is SELF-CENTERED. -10/30/2011