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Friday, October 12, 2012


What are they? To “Society’s” types they the basis for their use of private alter egos, and/or if such identities are used openly, the “Society’s” types have to relocate from their main place of residence where they are known in their public identity to some newly created ideally chosen location, to justify their obtained “heritages”.

Consistent with my position to not include anything on this Blog's Pages that in anyway contributed to the mangling of my identity the previous Entry was removed with its carefully duplicitous information for entries 646 and 248.

Now it only stands to reason that if these selected heritages added to this area’s rolls after my layoff in 2002 were actually valid, why would there be the need to commit mail fraud to demonstrate social security “legitimacy" as well as check fraud (see the posts

Examples of these “CRUTCHES” are summarized on the
CONSERVERY CHALLENGE Page, specifically on Days Sixteen and Seventeen. “Society’s” types have written the “book” on “IDENTITY CRUTCHES” without, which they cannot function in their private alter egos. The number one (1) “CRUTCH” is the brandishing of financial capability as a means of justifying their use of their borrowed private identities. If any situation arises that questions their private alter egos, their number one reaction is to order some product or service in their alter ego for delivery near to the central address being used as a cover for their identity switching masquerade, Most likely these checks may even have this address on them in this alter ego because this address is central to this masquerade, since, it’s the only location where an individual and his children the only “real” bearers of this identity reside, this is why the financial history of the actual identity holder is commandeered (see the posts CONNECTING THE DOTS FROM 1994 THROUGH 2005, ARBITRARILY in addition to MERE OBJECTS FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS). Another favorite is what I term the “Las Vegas Avenue”, where snippets from the actual heritage/accomplishments of the actual identity holder is recreated in the areas by these “Society’s” types masquerading in their privates alter egos to justify their borrowed identities (see the post THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL SOCIETY). These types and their supporters are heavy gamblers, but not in the traditional venue legally established for such, they have created a new gambling mechanism in society, free of the regulations or constraints established by the Code for such, and they actually believe that it can be pulled off as long as they are able to duplicate anything that is known in order that their pseudo “gambling” world can continue its existence. Investment types are very “big” on their “Las Vegas Ave type Society’s” and in maintaining the “face” of legitimacy and will go to great lengths to ensure that their carefully controlled facade is not upended. This will help to understand in some manner, their fetish with being NUMBER ONE (1) AT ALL COSTS, namely to help maintain outwardly that there are holders of whatever it is they are brandishing. In order to ensure that they are not surprised, these “Crutches” however, can be very subtle as well, such as obtaining the guise of legitimacy in their alter egos by their abuse of the Class Action Suits mechanism as a vehicle for “Court” approved legitimacy (see the post ONE OF THE SOCIETY’S FAVORITE MECHANISMS FOR IDENTITY VALIDATION). In addition, something as subtle as a service provided to any specific class of individuals by a State agency in this private alter ego can also be co opted for use as an “Identity Crutch”.

Finally, it must be pointed out that such methods can only gain existence in a society where the brandishing of financial success alone (regardless of the means to that end), is actually idolized or have seduced society at large into believing, is something to be admired and pursued. In closing, the central point of this post is to make it be known that all these “SOCIETY’S” type “CRUTCHES” have one main objective, the validation of the “second face” (or private alter ego) of “society’s” types”, without, which they cannot exist.


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