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Friday, September 28, 2012


There is something fundamentally wrong when elements of our society adopt the mantra, even subtly that they are always no. 1 in all things. Such types have or need to have it reminded of their association with all that they are number 1 in society even in the most minute of mediums, how else will be society at large be reminded that “Society’s” types are always "numero uno" keeping it always relevant because of their penchant for "brandishing" labels and/or numbers (see the post THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY'S “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY). If they are involved in: a) agriculture they want it to be known that they are the no. 1 producer of a certain crop, b) entertainment, they have to find a way to become associated with or be involved in the no. 1 comedy, drama or network, c) anything medical-related, they have to adopt and brand themselves such labels as “world class” cutting edge technology service providers, d) product manufacturers, they have to go to such lengths as “bribing” participants in “blind” taste tests and/or feigning “real” owners to ensure that the desired outcome is obtained to secure coveted product placement contracts etc., and e) sports, players/participants in no. 1 professional and/or college teams in various sports will invariably be connected to or have “roots” connecting them to “Society’s” type heritages.

For such schemes to be successfully implemented, anyone and/or anything that remotely stands in the way of such unreasonable and dictatorial type manipulation of things factual will have to be “redirected” publicly even if it occurs in the form of a “very public meltdown” (or privately) as the case may be, for replacement to take place. History is full of example of those who have attempted this methodology and in the not very distant past. If I may be so “bold” as to serve as a reminder that such techniques require the usurping of all of society’s agencies and redirecting them into the cause at hand, (see the post HOW IS ARBITRARY ACTION, OR IS IT, CONNECTED TO STRATEGIC LABELS AND NUMBERS - UPDATED?), whether it involves: 1) covering-up historical records, 2) re-creating “new” realities or “facts” (see the post GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY – UPDATED TO INCLUDE AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY), 3) manipulating political contests to ensure the desired outcome prevails (see the post ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS CONTINUED AND UPDATED), 4) staging accidents (see the post TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF REASONS FOR EXCLUDING LOCATION(S) FROM CONSIDERATION) and 5) medical system involvement as appropriate, such as to ensure that the “new truth” gains acceptability (see the post HOW ARE ACCIDENTS AND LEGITIMACY CONNECTED TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS?) etc.
Such techniques ultimately are only successful in an environment where those “Society’s” types would have the brandishing of “wealth” be taken alone as a “mark” of legitimacy, while going to all means necessary to ensure that any individual who doesn’t develop amnesia and conveniently go with the “new truth” is subjected to intimidated and/or harassment (see the post THE TIME HAS COME) into accepting that their accomplishments (see the post GIVING PROPER CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE), were carried out by “Society’s” types; or otherwise be faced with labeling and subtle “imprisonment”. Not withstanding the documented FACTS that clearly show that for any “Society’s” type to have pulled off the feats in their borrowed and privately used identities (alter egos) would required omnipotence to pull off (a fact glossed over by those who have been “seduced” into accepting that “wealth” brandishing is the only predictor of “truth” and “preserver” of historical “facts”). This tendency (on the part of society at large), to accept anything as fact, if repeated often enough, is not lost on those who successfully use advertising to further their wealth generating schemes at all costs including their flirtations with being number one regardless of the means to that end (see the posts CAN MY INVESTMENTS REALLY STAND UP TO SCRUTINY? and ADVERTISING’S TRUE PURPOSE - UPDATED). 


J_F_Brazant said...
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J_F_Brazant said...

Clearly outlining my immigration status with regards to the documents received as previously listed in the post ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS CONTINUED AND UPDATED (linked to in this description - on COMMENTS Page) and removed to emphasize that such practices were and are not condoned by me in anyway reinforces the long held position that whoever enabled any individual to receive awards as documented on this Blog, (see the post SOCIALLMEDIA ISSUES; AN EXAMPLE OF RECONCILIATION -link on COMMENTS Page), acted in a manner that was and is inconsistent with my status and should never have been permitted by any ETHICAL PUBLIC OFFICIAL. As a result, by distancing myself from such activities, namely allowing anyone using one identity publicly and another (alter ego) privately to obtain awards for the purpose of gaining legitimacy at another’s expense. By taking this stand publicly while emphasizing that any former public officials who use their former public role to condone identity switching is undeserving of holding any public office in order maintain a lie that never should have been allowed in the beginning.
The below documents (included on COMMENTS Page) depict “arbitrary” Storage Contract # 00024047 entered into by me on July 30th, 2012 for the contents of Danielle’s former apartment at Stoney Point, owned by former Cedar Rapids Mayor, (P. Pate), now a resident of Marion, IA where the actual office is located, while the units are located at 16th Ave, SW, Cedar Rapids as shown. The billing was received for August as shown on the 25th. However, for September this billing is having a very difficult time finding its way here to 8263 140th Ave, Olin IA 52320-7708. According to the Office Rep Steve, with whom contact was made on 9/27/2012, the September billing was sent much earlier in the month should have been received by the date communication was made with him, and another bill was promised that should have been received today, typically but was not. These are the types of illegal practices (mail diversion and similar) that routinely take place on an ongoing basis when a “Society’s” type individual is allowed to receive awards to gain legal status at the expense of another. The purpose of this exposure is to ultimately remove myself from being held “hostage” by this injustice in order that relocating to this northeast State in question in the above linked post, if it turns out to be beneficial to the Proprietorship by my determination, won’t be a problem for me because of the unethical actions of others.

kendallseo said...

Nice blog!
Kendall Dodge

J_F_Brazant said...

For the identity fraud implemented against me to be fully completed the imposters have to try to embarrass either me or those “immediately” connected whose identity has been stolen. Who wants to be number one (1), and brandish accomplishments supported only via a well coreographed and supported identity switching system as documented in the post HOW DOES STATE SPONSORED ID THEFT WORK? and described in the post AN A-TO-Z EXPOSÉ OF THE VIRTUAL SOCIETY’S METHODOLOGY – UPDATED (link on COMMENTS Page), which are not theirs and when activities such as those described in these posts THE DANGERS OF LIVING WITH CO-DEPENDENT “VIRTUAL” IDENTITIES (link on COMMENTS Page), as well as A TRIBUTE TO MOTHERHOOD and MISREPRESENTATION DEFINED (FOR THE RECORD) – AMENDED (links on COMMENTS Page) have to be continually carried out by those who think that playing “god” and manipulating the identities/lives of individuals who have been designated MERE OBJECTS FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS (link on COMMENTS Page) until finally the needed outcome is implemented in order to bring about their desired objective is a testament to being number one (1). If these "Society's" types were indeed legitimate then they would not have to go to extreme lenghts, to “stage carefully coreographed events”, to achieve ulterior objectives, namely stealing upright reputations, and attempting to "label" those whose identities have been absconded to demonstrate their superiority.

J_F_Brazant said...

Using phone spoofing in an attempt to demonstrate contact here at 8263 140th Ave, Olin and feigning to be the legitimate representative of and entity to communicate with either my son or myself is not the path to legitimacy while attempting fraud or some other questionable/unethical scheme. The “Society’s” types who rely on such practices to complete their easily obtained “financial” identities should remember that legitimacy is never obtained by financial “imprisonment”, vandalism, accidents as well as reputation tarnishing.