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Thursday, September 6, 2012


This post (STRATEGIC NUMBERS AND LABELS - THE FINALE) was updated to include additional details previously excluded to show the extent to, which an entity manipulated, mirrored and made a mockery of society’s instruments to “create”, “stage” and relentlessly mirror fictional “Society’s” types in an effort to alter history.
This topic strategic numbers and labels would not be completed without including an aspect, which now turned out differently than envisioned, and has its place in history nevertheless, is the meeting of the individual would later become my spouse while visiting her home with her parents who resided on Long Island, at the time when her late father was still alive, but who herself lived in New Haven, CT. The transportation establishment used to visit her in New Haven, CT was Greyhound Bus. This trip even though I did now know it at time was to a City that would later be my first residence after my school years. There are those who are of the opinion that changing identities is as easy as transforming from an electric utility to a communication entity, relocating from VT to Fairfield County, CT making this their base and connecting itself to the largest utility in this State (IA) as well as to the main electric utility service in Hawaii (because contact had been made with that State, see below photos, even though it was later sold off); entitles this entity to alter
Communication with the State of Hawaii, (which others took credit for)
convenient historical records (in Connecticut and selected others), while eliminating others in their effort to cover-up the events, which took place in Vermont in 1989/1990 by creating “new truth”, that these “Society’s” types were “magically” in Connecticut at the same as I (see the series of posts on the subject NON-EXISTENT SOCIAL ETHICS IN A SOCIETY RUN BY “VIRTUALS” - UPDATED/REVISED, in addition to GIVING“LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY UPDATED FOR AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY , THE COEXISTENCE OF DISSOLUTION AND TRIUMPH - UPDATED as well as CORRECT IDENTIFICATION BY CONNECTING THE DOTS). Even though my marital relationship, (which started in New York state) ended in divorce after nearly approximately thirty (30) of marriage, it was an event in history that rearranging identities, staging accidents, stealing a State tax refund check (see the post MISREPRESENTATION DEFINED (FOR THE RECORD) - AMENDED) and attempting to subtly alter selected historical events, also does not alter.

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J_F_Brazant said...

They are those “manufacturing” type entities who will produce all types of records to try to give “after the fact” historical credibility with “manufactured” records for the “society’s’ types they are trying to legitimize (not withstanding their own self interest involved and the message it sends about their business practices, therefore it’s an all-or-nothing scenario at stake); however, these are the same business entities that advertise using “actual” owners (see the post ADVERTISING’S TRUE PURPOSE - link on COMMENTS Page); and this fact in itself along with the legion of ethically challenged politicos providing support for this “virtual” world’s legitimacy, that should provide the all around confidence needed to assure that their “word” is “gospel” regarding historical identities (no matter what evidence clearly demonstrates otherwise).