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Monday, November 26, 2012


This post is being edited to include updated information as indicated in the description below.
First of all after discovering the sale having taken place and you are still stuck with your camera an as ornament, (which you cannot use) but only have Photo(Pros) take and develop pictures occasionally in the name of another as your evidence of being someone else (even though no longer necessary due to digital technology but needed by a con artist desperate for an identity), what are you to do? (see comment # 1 from 11/25/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page). However, before proceeding, let me take a minute to digress and explain why this camera is so important. The old (Canon Canonet QL17) camera that most (though not all) of the pictures were taken with during my school years, was a gift from my Brother from Barbados after I started taking photos and returning some copies to Barbados and my original camera a smaller Vivitar Instantmatic “died” (see below photo). This piece of old equipment after losing

Depiction of the Original Camera in my Possession as a Student

its functionality years ago, which could not be initially located has been found after a further exhaustive search, because its location could not have been discovered by any individual without expending a serious effort and that mystery has now been solved. Anyway, even if the resale of this equipment as documented on the Pages of this Blog (in comment # 1 on the COMMENTS 1 Page from 11/25/2012), is covered over, this does erase its initial purchase, since those documents are still in my possession. Furthermore, most of the photos in the PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE were taken with that camera indicated above. As a result, purchasing similar photographic equipment in the name of another individual (see the post EASILY OBTAINED CREDIBILITY), neither makes you: 1) James F. Brazant, 2) a student in 1953 connected to my family’s history, 3) a hobby photographer, 4) doesn’t answer any of either CHALLENGES’ questions and 5) doesn’t provide any individual in search of an identity with MEMORABILIA of student life as a means of demonstrating “legitimacy”.
Finally, the manipulation of any former “part-time” resident, (when all else fails), who made certain personal decisions is not the answer to achieving “credibility”. The short-term efforts obtained by those in habit of manipulating the life(lives) any individual(s) at crucial occasions will never lead to the long-term “legitimacy” sought by those who are in the habit of playing “god” in the lives of others!



J_F_Brazant said...

I’m not the type of individual who needed the input/support of many self interested onlookers to provide me with direction or easily obtained credentials, in return for carrying out questionable quid pro quo deals and favors about what was in my best interests, because as a very wise Lady often reminded me in her many letters “I CAN TRUST YOU…YOU ARE DIFFERENT WHEREVER AND WHENEVER (probably meant whatever) YOU ARE DOING…AND HAVE SET OUT TO DO, SO DON’T LET NOTHING HINDER YOUR PROGRESS”, (see the below excerpt composite from my Mother of May 17, 1978). I know what is in my best interest and it involves relocation to the direction indicted on this Blog’s post CONSERVERY REVIEW AND EVALUATION PROCESS GUIDELINES (link on COMMENTS 1 Page), regardless of who may disagree, remindful of my very wise Mother’s quotes over the years.

J_F_Brazant said...
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J_F_Brazant said...

It is said that those without actual memory (or history) rely on LABELS AND NUMBERS, (see the posts THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY as well as “VIRTUALS AND THEIR SELECTION OF LABELS AND NUMBERS), advertising (see the post ADVERTISING TRUE PURPOSE), and myriads of paid supporters, that is why any trapping that affords them the semblance of “legitimacy” is desperately obtained at any cost (such as a camera), no matter how elaborate the scheme utilized in this regard (as documented in this post) up to and including searching computer files while online (unknown to you because equipment exists that allows hackers to “trawl” computer files of those such are targeting in search of information for any evidence they can steal to provide them with any visible signs of legitimacy (such as copies of addressed letters from my mother to provide them with the credibility they are lacking in, (see the post ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE) for examples of the type of practices employed by these types desirous of EASILY OBTAINED CREDIBILITY. This is why, great care has to be exercised when online, in not leaving an “open door” via computerized files for being defrauded or compromised in any way. These methods are all different forms of IDENTITY CRUTCHES, without, which those lacking in “real” history would be meaningless “empty” shells as they truly are. However, the one thing that “Society’s” types cannot really steal is your memories (even though I have heard of reports that methods are available via, which even memory can be erased). In spite of this, the one thing that cannot be stolen even if modern methods are in existence, which “lock” such thoughts away temporarily, they cannot really steal “actual” memories regardless of much those Mogul types with plentiful resources use in this regard. I wonder why these types “love” impostors with such obvious support. I wonder if the hi(stories) of such Mogul types, in addition to their investments could withstand intense scrutiny and examination. Maybe very choice “nuggets” may be discovered as occurred when a closer search of just the Income Tax instructions for tax year 2011 took place (see the post ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS).

J_F_Brazant said...

They are those Mogul types who are known for their “awesome” reputations (as documented in the August 1, 2003 edition of the WSJ, on page C5) with the potential to “intimidate” likely competition and/or opponents unless the (# 14) “way” of certain of such Mogul types is agreed with. This snippet from that Publication questioned the “safety” of dealing with such a Mogul type. In spite of this reputation (whether “fairly” or unfairly earned), it is being requested that the various communications with him over the years beginning on September 9, 2001 (just two days prior to an infamous attack in this Country, and previously documented in the post on this Blog, COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS); be set aside and the relocation decision of this Proprietorship described in the follow-up communication dated September 9, 2003 be respected as much has changed since those communications took place (see the post STRATEGIC LABELS AND NUMBERS - THE FINALE and the CONSERVERY AUTHORIZATION PAGE). The question occurred to me had I known then that my identity was mangled in quid pro quo deal making, would I have followed the same course of action? Honestly, I cannot say with any degree of certainty, but the advice of my Mother serves as a reminder, “I can trust you” (to do what’s right in spite of the “hindrances”). Standing up for the preservation of my Father’s and Mother’s individual identities is definitely worth the effort (even though the counsel of a wise lady was overlooked when certain decisions were made as documented in the post MY FATHER’S TRADITIONAL LEGACY, WHO FULLFLLED IT?) knowing her, the type of advice she would give would be, “stay strong on traveling the road least traveled”. (NOTE: links to all posts shown are on the COMMENTS 1 Page).

J_F_Brazant said...

I was carrying out some research of my own to determine how some Mogul types go about earning the reputation gained in order to “elicit” the cooperation of critically important individuals to ensure the continuation and/or implementation of perpetual wealth-generation schemes and I discovered the following. In the May 13, 2005 edition of the WSJ on page A3, a certain Arbiter’s debt ratings were cut by the Agencies to a “notch” above “junk” status. Assuming a hypothetical scenario such as this, what if such pressure was being applied mainly to illicit the cooperation of another Titan type, needed for some reason. Well it is clear that in these circles such methods are known to work, and by 2007, a certain very cooperative Titan individual is mentioned in the WSJs April 28/29, edition on page A5 as publicly expressing “admiration” for this Mogul. When such powerful “types” then unite to bring about their desired objectives regardless of whose rights are trampled, “unified success” is achieved in an ‘intimidating” fashion. All I have to do is look around me for what has been attempted to my identity and accomplishments; maybe the reputation really is deserved (because the “fingerprints” of these types are not usually found but their methods sure can be seen in the pursuit of their intended outcome).

J_F_Brazant said...

What is this I read in an old edition of the WSJ from 7/28/2011, the omnipotent Mogul WRONG ON TAXES? How could this be, he never makes mistakes when he in his alter ego as “Emperor of Credentials “confers” degrees on “Society’s” types in his perpetual wealth-generating schemes so how could he be wrong on taxes? Well as it turn out the Omnipotent Mogul is doing “fuzzy” math with his higher tax talk on the wealthy. The biggest point of contention the article writer had with this Mogul is that corporations pay up to 35% tax on their profits before a dime is passed on to shareholders. In turn the “real” rate on corporate income paid to individuals through capital gains and dividends is not in reality 15% but closer to 45% once the tax on corporate profits is added in. Furthermore, if this dividend tax rises to 20% from 15% then the total tax paid to shareholders would be in turn closer to 50% (excluding state and local taxes). As the article author concluded, the tax system is already far too reliant on the wealthy to pay the government’s bills in terms of the share of all income taxes paid and the effective tax rate on this group (millionaires and billionaires) much higher, not lower, than any other income category. “The best way to balance the budget is for the economy to produce a lot more “American” success stories like” this Mogul. Why does this Mogul advocate such insincere solutions? In reality, how can such successes materialize when this omnipotent Mogul is in everyone’s affairs (playing god), by determining who is worthy of their own identities, as well as whom credentials should be conferred in his attempt to be sure that he is ensured of perpetual wealth generation and ultimately who is worthy of “surviving” (or in effect living) if it impact his ability to generate wealth at the expense of those whose rights he tramples on along the way, by teaching his “Society’s” types to take from others no matter how violent the methods employed as long as he receives his kickbacks they can be assured that their unethical practices will be covered up it. (I am almost positive that his business methodology was NOT learned at Columbia as he indicated where his business studies originated).