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Friday, November 9, 2012


This Case of the Missing Deal-Maker whom the then Opportunistic Politico made his quid pro quo deal with in 1991 and first identified in the CONSERVERY'S CHALLENGE between days 33 and 36, is being re-examined to examine the facts, to be sure that the appropriate parties are identified, as follows: Player # 1 - my Sister, on the same the window was shot through in circa 1992/93 informed me that the family residence at Chapel Street was being sold and she needed my input to sign off on the paperwork. This did not make any sense because my name was never on the Chapel Street, St. Peter, Barbados residence (since it was in my father’s name) and why in turn would a signature of any type be needed from, me. I never received the said paperwork. When She was later questioned about this, she informed me that a former schoolmate of mine Adrian King purchased it and the matter ended there. While I had received a package containing her x-rays in 1991, the more important paperwork for the sale of the family residence was never seen. My father had left the residence to my sister in its entirety and the need for a signature was nonsense. Furthermore, my father had left an alternate (0.5-acre) property to be divided between my brother and I, where my mother in later years had turned into her fruit and vegetable garden. Therefore, when the plans for a new government Highway landed directly through this property it was sold/taken over for this purpose and the proceeds divided between my brother and I. This is where my down payment for the Branford, CT condo in 1983 originated mainly. In reflecting back on these events, it would appear that this pretext sale of the family residence was a ruse to provide a con artist with a link to my family history and in a manner of speaking cover-up the actual event in question and the source of my down payment in Branford, by pretending that the sale of the family residence somehow provided a con artist (who according to news reports had been in this Country/State since 1953 and working for the same since 1957) with a legitimate conection to my heritage. The lengths “Society’s” types go to cover over historical events when the cooperation with family members are either “bribed” or coerced into providing cover to a fraud with “made-up” heritage, all with the assistance of a then Opportunistic aspiring Politico. Player # 2 - the Opportunistic Politico (with a penchant for hiding behind others), only known because of the delivery date on the x-rays received in 1991. However, once “elected” he did visit the land of my birth in (circa) 1995 (for reasons unknown). He has steadfastly ever since this deal-making days, sworn to the fact that a Con Artist is “legitimately” James F. Brazant, when such is a practical impossibility, since he was already in the USA by another name he still uses in spite of the additional "virtual" Ohio connection introduced to provide cover for the difference in years (probably an English import in search of an identity, seeing all the other English connections involved in this identity debacle - see the post IDENTITY FREE-FOR-ALL), and so the plot thickens. Player # 3 - the Unknown Deal-Maker, with connection to Vermont (who would have been desirous for the uncouth behavior of the errant executive scenario to go away). This individual also will be described as having major connection to this State to the extent to ensure that important actions can take place as needed, probably a politico and in 1991 most likely an individual with a Red party label but known for the ability to be on both sides of the aisle (especially since the Party in power at that time both at the Federal and State levels here was of the “Red” party variety and probably connected to the Utility industry) and possessing a "love" for those with "two faces". Therefore what has been determined so far about this “Wheeler-Dealer” is this: most likely a Politico, with a red Party label, connected to the utility industry with connection to both Federal and State politics. There are not that many individuals who can fit this description, with the arrogance to think that He [since there have never been elected female politicos to either Federal (Congressional) or State (gubernatorial) levels in this State ever] could deal away another’s identity in this trivial a manner. The Exposure of this “sneaky” individual will be revealed in due course and my apology to any individual who may have been mischaracterized as being complicit in this saga in an incorrect manner.  


J_F_Brazant said...

Consistent with the point made in this post, the below photo emphasizes how the “Society” grant “legitimacy” to their “two faced” types and magically transfer credibility for being in different locations simultaneously with two alter egos. Who “endowed” these with the power to bestow such by simply placing specific numbers (as highlighted in the below photo of a Illinois mailing - on COMMENTS Page), on a piece of unsolicited mail to this address? These types in turn attempt to act in a condescending manner, daring anyone to CHALLENGE their right to employ such outright identity fraudulent techniques. Such powers were NEVER granted via the Constitution, as emphasized in the post THE ELECTION IN SUMMATION (- link on COMMENTS Page), then who gave such types the right to conduct flagrant abuses and think that those whose rights are being trampled have no choice but to accept it because rights were granted to these types to carry out this course of action.

J_F_Brazant said...

See comment # 2 on the COMMENTS Page for the promised "identity" of the Missing Deal-Maker, in my opinion, as promised.