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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

EASILY OBTAINED "CREDIBILITY" (EDITED 12/13 & 12/24/2012 AS WELL AS 1/02/2013)

The easily obtained “credibility” of “Society’s” (edited for accuracy - 12/13/2012) to avoid any information included being assigned to me for those without any history (far and near) using this information as their basis for credibility. Especially since such types don’t have any without the reliance on selected numbers and labels, this is critical to their borrowed existences. What would happen if their “love affair” with numbers and labels were suddenly upended, then, how could they survive? Their use of specific numbers repeatedly, is an attempt to demonstrate “credibility” such as using the number 22 for example (to choose a random number) in order to provide credibility to specific individual(s) and by so doing attempt to take credit for specific action(s), such as Conservery's 2005 Calendar mailings, (see the below photos). However, if in the course of trying to demonstrate that they are responsible for

specific actions, “Society’s” types find themselves in the following four corners: 1) removing individuals contacted in critical positions and knowledgeable of certain matters, 2) replacing them with “Society’s” types put in place for the express purpose of “legitimizing” frauds (see the post NETWORKING TO IMPLEMENT ID SWITCHING FRAUD - UPDATED for ONE such example in the Country of my birth), 3) embarrassing selected individuals contacted also knowledgeable of the correct matters and 4) “fishing” for reasons to close financial accounts in order to provide credibility to “Society’s” crowds, in addition to being at the "dead" end of a closed account and attempting to keep it alive in search of a "connection" to Conservery; then there is clearly non-existent authenticity here, regardless of whose support is being provided (for self interested motives as documented in the post CAN MY INVESTMENTS REALLY STAND UP TO INTENSE SCRUTINY?). See the below photo insert and comment # 2 from 11/11/2012 on the COMMENTS Page.
This historical record is included here for accuracy only especially since some are in the business or altering, mangling and outright distorting historical information to recreate ancestries for those basis for "legitimacy" is cantered in mail fraud. 

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