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Thursday, November 1, 2012



This post JUDGING BY THE COVER ALONE - A MISTAKE ALWAYS is being updated to include specific related examples. To most today in our made for television “society”, if it appears to be, it is assumed to be just that. However, making major decisions based on what soothes is never good policy; whether its for a “big ticket” item or some other selection or choice between two, it should never be made because what appears to be an appealing or soothing type product is usually not what it’s presented to be. For example, given the choice what appears to be a “made for TV” alternative in the choice between two, if a cross-sectional view is gained, may in fact turn out to be a completely crude quilt held together by: 1) layers of “woolen” type complicated “virtual” links, 2) unrealistic connections and 3) unmet production target outputs. Furthermore, the habit of frogs is a useful case in point, which contains a very relevant application. If the habit of these amphibians are examined, much can be learned as follows; if frogs are placed in a container of hot water, they would immediately jump to safety but on the other hand, if placed in lukewarm (or soothing water) and the temperature of the water is gradually increased to the same hot condition as used previously, the frog would be unable to jump to safety having been misled by the surrounding conditions. In this scenario the “soothing” water conditions can be described as the frog’s “Trojan Horse” with its cleverly concealed cargo designed to trick the astute frog that hot water is not the desired objective.

Now if the other alternative is considered, which is comprised of a large bundle of clearly visible blossoms of the type of multi-faceted collection from among those whom our society may label, for lack of fully understanding; the tendency may be to select the former because only the “made for television” side is seen.

Similarly, words in a comment to a post made earlier by me to the effect that “who really knows what is hunkering beneath that operation” were chosen very carefully and should never be assumed to convey something other than what was meant, that is why determining through discovery what is being conveyed is so very important. Unearthing the facts involves finding out exactly what is being conveyed before forming opinions, a practice not employed by those whose object is typically to steer others in a specific direction chosen by them in an effort to demonstrate that “they have nothing to hide”. This business model appears to perfectly fit the lifestyle of a former Engineering (work) colleague and his spouse ideally. Therefore to find this lifestyle turned into a business and by another led me to the conclusion made, wondering aloud, where did the idea originate? This is due to the fact that I have learned over the years from experience not to believe in coincidences and knowing the penchant for some with “two faces” to assume the history of others in unimaginable ways and (with the availability of a pending IDENTITY CRUTCH, their on-going Class Action Suit having been recast until a more opportune “favorable” election season at stake), in an effort to demonstrate legitimacy including selected acquaintances, and pilfer ideas along the way; the previously described scenario and its potential was not being overlooked.

In addition, I am also aware of an unpretentious lady who if placed in the same situation as outlined in the description above between the two alternatives may appear at first glance to be the type of individual who would not be chosen by participants at large by the “Society’s” Moguls and other powers that be, to even allow her to enter the “finals”; but if given the appropriate opportunity and connections, would rise to the occasion.

In conclusion, it must be emphasized that decisions made on the basis of assuming what is soothing and/or is being conveyed by the cover alone is never good policy, as the included example clearly demonstrated. Knowledgeable inquiries and or observation should always be made to determine what is “really” being conveyed, it is the ONLY respectful course to chart regardless of the chorus of “Society’s” types who are usually disrespectful and loud in their opposition to anything or anyone who upsets their neatly packaged perpetual wealth-generating “virtual” world. NEVER JUDGE BY THE COVER ALONE, ALWAYS TRY TO TAKE A LOOK INSIDE, EVEN IF BY THE UNSPOKEN DETAILS CONVEYED THAT CAN “SAY” A GREAT DEAL MORE THAN WHAT IS DESIRED TO BE PROJECTED.


J_F_Brazant said...

"Society's" types should stop trying to look for reasons to manipulate "polls" in order to justify their ultimate objectives, which they are so adept at bringing about!

J_F_Brazant said...

A wise individual once said, you can tell when “re-arranging” mode has been resorted to, because “on the heels of an unusual storm”, a “rally” is resorted to, crowds are assorted to convey a “image” of adoring and jubilant conditions and then ANY desired outcome will result!

J_F_Brazant said...

There is an old proverb, which states that in tough economic times, the first casualty is always TRUTH, instead “unrealistic promises” such as slogans aimed “soothing” a certain class (ex 1st “crack” at road contract or “THRUTHS”) instead offering more realistic solutions (ex least cost bid contracts) to ease the burden on taxpayers. Those who are holding themselves up as “Guardians” of all things “politico” should be capable of more legitimate methods apart from rehashing old superficial techniques, because ADVERTISING HAS NEVER BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE AN INDICATION OF LEGITIMACY (see the post ADVERTISING’S TRUE PURPOSE - UPDATED - link on COMMENTS Page).