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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


A skilled impersonator can become anything as needed for the situation at hand. For example is such an individual is required to feign being married, then he finds a co-conspirator and together they pass for being a married couple for the “cameras” to a female whose uses a name that sounds like (the girl next door). When the married act is no longer required, then he comes “out of the closet” and feigns being a “gay” individual, while emphasizing his (or her) lifelong “gayness”.
On the other hand, if being handicapped is needed to demonstrate a connection to a “relative”, x-rays are delivered on 10/1991 to an Apartment at Cedarwood Hills and a limp is mysteriously developed to identify with his “sister” who was involved in a near tragic accident in her country of residence, Barbados. After all, how else would others know that she was his “sister” who assisted him with the transfer of needed finances when she as four (4 years old), when he “attended” school here in this State? However, if this isn’t quite compelling, then he can always fall back on his “inability” to hear effectively in order to generate sympathy. On the other hand if he (or she) wanted to identify with the more serious matters such as the accomplishments of another being copied, then some type of publication is released (issued) to emphasize that he (or she) accomplished “his” (or her) school work for undergraduate studies, which is the only “real” point that the publisher of the story want to convey. Identifying with all the engineering accomplishments of the individual is a little more tricky especially recent courses work carried out at a School of Public Health, required more of a challenge because he was supposed to be elsewhere in a downtown Cedar Rapids office building when supposedly being in an alternate location in a different “face” at the same time. The solution for the con artist, the construction of an unnecessary office “wing” to, which the individual who identity is being ravished is placed, but on, which the number adopted by the con artist as a definition of himself is placed in conjunction with the numbers of a prized achievement desired. Based on this magical act, the objective can be obtained, taking over the entire individual’s technical (and other associated accomplishments). With this crowning achievement, citizenship can now be claimed as well as legal entry into the USA (when anything such is far from truth). To lay the groundwork for this citizenship, jury duty requests are sent to the address of the individual, which he emphatically removes himself from (since by choice, Permanent residence was the path decided on), but in reality these were intended for the con artist. All other activities carried out by the individual are mimicked by the con artist such as purchasing photographic equipment in the name of the individual (being impersonated) as an indication of being an amateur photographer in order to take credit for the artistic works of the individual being copied. What in fact this description shows is an individual with a willingness to become anything desired to further his (or her) cause because of the debt of gratitude owed to certain Mogul types who gave him (or her) the opportunity to go from being a stowaway, runaway or even "hippy" type to becoming something he (or she) never imagined. To the con artist misrepresentation works. How else would he be able to “achieve” all that he (or she) has, whatever that is [see the post MISREPRESENTATION DEFINED (FOR THE RECORD) -AMENDED].

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J_F_Brazant said...

A successful con artist believes in defense in depth (or always has a backup plan), and cherry picks to just obtain the correct mix needs to prop-up his “story”. For example, the engineering course work of one individual is selected because it affords him the ability to show a foreign student status even though the “story” is as believable as a the existence of a “desert-like” conditions in the Midwest he plods on and selects another target who would have achieved his education in the State desired and proceeds to work his “magic”. For example if this individual is working a Group selected for being placed in this carefully numbered office “wing”, after a short stint there, separation out this person for transfer if in a position to effect such is enacted to cut off the person from those who are familiar to him. However, as it turns out this colleague has a unique hobby enjoyed by him and his spouse, scuba diving and the planning of vacations to exotic spots for their enjoyment and without any children it was made so much easier. Therefore, with the backgrounds of these two individuals a backup plan is in place, two individuals both placed in the office “wing” and one transferred shortly thereafter and the other laid off eventually, when it was felt that the time was right, by this smug con artist who relayed to me via a carefully planted individual “what else did you expect”, what arrogance from a stowaway. Years later, when this very lifestyle concept turns up in a business idea in a totally out of context location, and run by a totally different individual, a “Society’s” type no doubt, especially after my experiences; this venture and the ramifications leave much to be desired and too much of a coincidence, which I do not believe in. See the previous post JUDGING BY THE COVER ALONE - A MISTAKE ALWAYS – UPDATED (link on COMMENTS Page). The below photo (on COMMENTS Page) of the signatures of those actual Engineering colleagues in the office “Wing” who signed my Daughter’s birth card in 1997. The Engineer in question’s signature is among these signatures, the question is, which of those plced signatures belongs to that former colleague with a unique hobby.