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Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is a follow-up to the post MISLABELING AND ITS IMPLICATIONS as “Society’s” types never change their methods especially since they know that they can always find an individual (or individuals) to “sell out” someone whose identity they have targeted as occurred with my siblings in my case. They mimic, in the background and carefully plan their take over action to eventually demonstrate “legitimacy” via criminal action in some manner while relying on elected quid pro quo deal-makers (of whom they are an abundance) using political correctness to cover-up conflicts along the way. For example, in my case they had a con artist who wanted easily desired Federal recognition in a name that instantly brought such, an organization willing to elevate such types (and there are many), because they really don’t have to pay them anything except on paper and these individuals are grateful for the opportunity to be elevated from their previous circumstances by carrying out, subterfuge against an unsuspecting individual and desirous of having something for nothing of, which there is an abundance of such (while obtaining resources via any means needed with the cover they have been provided with – see the post WHY DO “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY’S TYPES RELY ON “SOFT TOUCH” ADVERTISING). My son is the only one of my children who has lived in all of the the main areas where I have lived for any length of time and just as I was targeted he (either is or) will also be, by those “Opportunistic” types whose main aim in life is whatever they desire at any costs by whatever means they can implement their schemes because they are of the opinion that they OWN others (who were placed in this life for them to have their pleasure, effectiveness, “legitimacy” or whatever else they so desire and don’t know when to stop because they have always gotten away with it). They have nothing else to do apart from implementing such; most are not really skilled, as their only activity lies in the planning and plotting for just the opportune moment to carry out their schemes, while presenting a semblance of their alter ego as needed (while waiting in the “wing” to place their external labels and numbers as their mark of legitimacy and then one day claiming “instant” legitimacy). No individual was endowed with or given the right to play “god” in the lives of others (most of whom can’t even manage their own existences in any organized manner but feel free to meddle in the lives of others to make quid pro quo deals for easy elevation regardless of whose rights they trample on along their self-centered ways). As I said previously, my son, whom I can place at all our residences is not A MERE OBJECT FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS and neither am I, regardless of whose assistance has been obtained in that regard and he can be placed at each and every location. Others think that altering records along the way is a viable method of demonstrating “originality while relying on some “flimsy evidence” to claim “originality” such as a “mural” in the case of the Stonegate condo and a “misprint” on a business card in the case of Still Hill Road. Why should such types doubt that their methods work, after all they can always find willing participants to “sell out” others or even their country as the case may be. As Stated previously my son can be placed at all the main places lived for extended periods of time (see below photo) and without the Stonegate condo, their would have been no Still Hill Road, because the value of the property almost doubled in the short years there along with the improvements carried out and the proceeds from that sale were used for the down payment towards that residence. Residing at any location, means that evidence of such must be generated along the way, and while “Society’s” types aim to demonstrate ‘legitimacy” via borrowed financial ability, other smaller details are my preferred avenue because it is said that the habits one develops during school years (for those who actually attended and not merely report such via news media "stories"), are never forgotten (such as depicted below with an emphasis on the post STRATEGIC NUMBERS AND LABELS - THE ADDENDUM). Note as previously stated on this Blog’s pages when my association with the LPC ended so did the idea of Northeastern Structures and any such connection to this type of venture, period and no individual (whether Society’s” type original or the alter ego of the limited partner in that venture who is relying on this “flimsy evidence” for current “legitimacy”) as well as their "army of entities" who "circle the wagons to protect the exposed at all costs"; can alter this fact as none have been authorized to speak on my behalf.

                         The top receipt shown is from Seymour, CT where I worked while residing at
                         Still Hill Rd


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