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Friday, August 3, 2012


This theme STRATEGIC NUMBERS AND LABELS is being updated to include a “snapshot” of miscellaneous examples of the various types of municipal support resources and other establishments that were relied on during my school years in one way or another such as, a "well known Department Store", (see photo below of product purchased and accompanying receipt), 

The above is the Receipt for the Jacket Shown at Left (and via this Receipt Attesting to my Student Status), which was Purchased on my Birthdate 1979 from the Indicated Store Located at Long Island's Roosevelt Field Mall
the public library (see photo of Hempstead Library Card below, from 1979/80) and the
Hempstead Public Lubrary Card Through 1980
railroad/bus for transportation used to travel to and from school (see period 1977 through 1978, 1979 and 1980 bus/train schedules photos below), FOR A DEMONSTRATION OF CONSISTENCY. Once the bus

Hempstead/Jamaica N6 Bus Schedule 1979 and LIRR Schedules 1977/80
was used, which was the majority of the time, the subway was the means used to travel to school from the bus’ endpoint either to TCI or to Pratt Institute through the summer of 1980 and beginning fall of 1980 respectively.

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