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Sunday, August 26, 2012


In many ways individuals with “virtual” identities and used vehicles are alike,
Since in either case, absolute certainty about what’s presented is about as definitive as riding a stolen bike.
For instance, guarantees about the history of “virtuals” are about as reliable as car fax reports from any turnpike.
In addition, in times when hereditary documents can be purchased, how difficult, it would be to sell “hot” vehicles as legitimate?
Especially if they are sold in any isolated Midwest town with a fake certificate.
The same is true for the “Society’s virtuals”, who steal records from others and hide behind any slate.
It has been shown that “virtuals” need labels for legitimacy and just as all that glitters isn’t gold,
All who profess to be from S. Carolina, (for example), aren’t necessarily connected to Barbados, with fables of citizenship untold,
Regardless of their race and supposed ancestry, which wasn’t sold.
Furthermore, they are those who select the labels of prominent residents of foreign countries, for their fold,
And assume alternate identities to make up for all they lack, which is their intended mold.  
Similarly, any used vehicle stolen and supplied with a fake history from a hole,
Can be repackaged with any “factory connection” and slickly resold,
With certainty, how cold!!!!

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J_F_Brazant said...

Public servants from any nation (whether first or third world) who sell out the public trust in exchange for favors, whether it’s wealth through fictitious book sales or the awarding of a retired supersonic jet that was “coincidentally” retired as a result of the “accidental placement” of a metal strip in the path of a “sister” supersonic aircraft by an airliner now merged, are undeserving of the high offices, they held. This European bound US based airliner, which “dropped” the deadly metal strip was/is the long-time Employer of a NJ resident and former in-law of sorts, with claims to be originally from SC. One of the “prized” supersonic fleet of aircraft that was sadly “put out of business “by this career ending” accident was surprisingly awarded to a most unlikely island nation to serve as a “tourist” museum destination in this totally unexpected place.