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Saturday, August 4, 2012


This subject matter or theme for the month of December is typically an oxymoron since destruction usually does not result in jubilation or victory celebration, except in instances where myths and misconceptions that have been given de facto “legitimacy”, are destroyed or overturned in the presence of facts [not including “new truth” brought about as a result of deal-making [- see the series of posts on the subject UPDATED ADDENDUM TO REMAINING NEUTRAL UNTIL ALL THE FACTS (FROM BOTH SIDES) ARE EVALUATED]. In such instances, this topic ceases to be an oxymoron and victory as a result of TRUTH would produce an “air” of successful acknowledgement. However, success over circumstances, which have been allowed to become the representation of “authenticity” is quite challenging, especially when individuals are benefiting financially from such unethical methods and will go to extreme lengths to protect their “ethically challenged” wealth-generating schemes.
As a result, it has come to be expected that exoneration should result in jubilation, in the following instances: 1) wrongfully accused as occurred in the skillfully written “To Kill A Mockingbird”, 2) an individual wronged by an instrument of society simply for having the courage to seek answers in an instance where finances about the reopening of an business was being sought at the “hands” of an official who should have known better and 3) doubly wronged by another of society’s instruments whose formation was supposed to be for benevolent purposes at the hands of a leader who definitely should have known better, who when faced with a choice in the end demonstrated anything but kindness and in some ways worse behavior than that of the financial institution’s representative in showing poor judgment in accommodation behavior, because benevolence was supposed to be their “hallmark”. However, triumph cannot overturn years of “financial imprisonment” or those set “free” after being wrongfully imprisoned, physically.
When conditions in society have become so callous that entities (including those formed for benevolent purposes) and individuals “see” others as mere objects for behind-the-scenes deal making to cover-up wrongs enacted by official representatives by implementing any means necessary to protect their “reputations” while fostering (or fanning) the exposing of wrong-doing in other similar institutions who (painfully) are forced to redress years of wrong-doing publicly (see the series of posts on the subject MERE OBJECTS FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS - UPDATED and CRISES “INDUCED” IDENTITY TRANSFER); then it is clear that self-centeredness has run amuck and there are altogether too few positive examples from those in positions of authority and influence (see the post THE SELF-CENTEREDNESS OF TODAY’S “ME-ISM” - A BY-PRODUCT OF THE “SOCIETY”). It is directly because of so few examples from those in positions of leadership etc., that individuals are eager to make deals over the lives of individuals, while showing little regard for the “oaths” of the offices they either aspire or “vow” to uphold, who even when the opportunity arise to reconcile their past misgivings resort to unprecedented deal-making and cover-up of international proportions. OH FOR BETTER EXAMPLES FOR THOSE WITH THE COURAGE TO RISE ABOVE THE TYPICAL “SILVER-TONGUED” GRAFT, ADVANCEMENT AND ELEVATION SEEKING, AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS, TYPES.

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