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Thursday, August 30, 2012


This is a follow-up to the previous post “ARBITRARY ACTION, OR IS IT?” as well as the series of posts on the subject STRATEGIC LABELS AND NUMBERS - THE FINALE to point out that events, which appear to be arbitrary in reality are carefully planned events. First of all, it must be pointed out that “fictitious” hereditary genealogies, “dreamed” up to cover-up the actions of intolerant executives, that are made never-ending by greedy business types, who benefit financially from such arrangements, are just that, fictional. Secondly, perverting the agencies created to protect and subverting them to support identity switching do not automatically transforms impostors/identities thieves into legitimate upright citizens with their fake identities. In addition, allowing such types to reopen old accounts to justify and/or cover-up criminal actions, (which check stealing is) is not credible; no matter how much the perpetrators of such transform and “cloak” themselves into an overnight nationalistic sounding “matriarch” type of sorts. Finally, using 1) illegally obtained fictitious accounts to make financial contributions to my educational institutions, 2) diverting the school newsletters and 3) manipulating the administrative systems to ensure that any specific alumni identification number contains specific numbers to give “Society’s” types the appearance of legitimacy with their carefully chosen birth year, does not bring legitimacy. On the other hand, actual records of the type as depicted in the series of posts on STRATEGIC LABELS AND NUMBERS -THE ADDENDUM are a demonstration of such, as the below text book receipts for selected materials used during my school years (see photos included below). Such records actually show attendance, instead of simply relying

Selected TCI Text Books Recipts from 1978 thru 1980 - 7 Total
on stolen financial history, manipulated as a means of “brandishing” authenticity, a method made popular by those whose claim to fame is “showy financial power” (no matter how unethical the methods employed to obtain such).
In conclusion, the connection between these two postings is my Pratt registration for the spring 1981, about, which the subject in the post “ARBITRARY ACTION, OR IS IT?” is based; namely, the events surrounding my spring 1981 semester (see photo included below). What is of importance here is the

Pratt Spring 1981 Semester Registration Including Brooklyn Apartment Strategic Phone Number (212)253-5362
phone number of my TCI instructor (see class photo including Instructor and signatures included
Class of 1980 Graduation Photo Showing Instructor Abelew far Left Back Row and I am Seated 2nd from Left in Front Row.

Signatures of Some of TCI 1980 Graduating Class Members
above) and his adopted daughter’s apartment in Brooklyn (#626 @ 2425 Nostrand Ave), where I initially lived for a short time after graduating from TCI, (since it was at his urging that I remained in the USA and completed my bachelor’s degree). This strategic number was (212) 253-5362 and it is not an arbitrary coincidence that I ended up in Jones County (County # 53), especially since this was not the initial choice for relocation after the expiration of the Cedarwood Hills apartment lease following the first year in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. However, it was the only place that a residence "opened" up, but much work was needed to transform it into a livable dwelling (see before and after photos below). It
can only be concluded that individuals/entities in powerful positions with a long-range plan for using labels and numbers as a means of legitimacy were at work manipulating events to bring about legitimacy from the outset of my initial hiring (see the posts ON-GOING COVER-UP OF MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD AND ITS SYMPTOMS and MERE OBJECTS FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS.) This initial Brooklyn address was changed back to my Hempstead address where I later returned, once the details of my continuance to complete my undergraduate studies were resolved (see summer 1981 Pratt Registration included below).
Pratt Registration for Summer 1981 Semester

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