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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This update to the post STRATEGIC NUMBERS AND LABELS - THE ADDENDUM is being carried out to add additional examples of various Establishments utilized and/or to, whom my status as an international student was known during my school years. See below photos for examples.
Receipts for Purchases from A and S and Radio Shack in Hempstead Circa 1979

 U.S Postal Money Order for Student Membership in IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Circa 1980 

TCI Readmission Passes Required When Late for Any Class from 11/14/79 and 1/24/80
Additional Readmission Passes From 6/21/78, 11/24/78 & 5/14/79

Invitations to Participate in Pratt International Students Activities from Nov and Dec 1980 
In closing, it must be pointed out that stealing the financial records of others and manipulating them to suit the new found identities obtained by the “Society’s” methods is not a means to legitimacy, when no other visible evidence can historically link the “Society’s” impostors to their supposed identities and then relying on harassment and your other similar and other methods to force acceptance of “frauds” is not going to work in every case. There comes a time when your manipulation of the societies legitimate resources intended to protect and misusing them to support financial pyramid schemes that are “wasted” and “bloody” mechanisms for continuous wealth generation for those with no real vision for true wealth generating that isn’t self-centered, deceptive, twisted and selfish. STRATEGIC NUMBERS AND LABELS CAN NEVER BE TRANSFERRED NO MATTER WHOSE SUPPORT IS BEING RELIED ON TO DISTORT THE TRUTH MERELY FOR SELF-INTERESTS.

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