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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Something or someone of strategic importance as this theme for the month of November indicates, is critical to the desired objective under consideration; therefore, such numbers and labels are vital to any individual, entity, etc. that has so designated them. For example, if I had to select any number it would be 77 for me and 25 for the Proprietorship.
Of all the numbers that I could have chosen, why this number was determined to be of strategic importance. This situation has resulted because it was in 1977 that my plans for furthering my education in the USA were actually implemented (see below photos documenting the Application process for my attendance at TCI and my actual
TCI Acceptance Ltr and Enrollment Application 1977

 TCI Attendance Ltr 1978

 1st TCI Student ID Card W/Student  # and Stamps/Colors for Various Semesters 
attendance including my 1st student ID #/card ). This decision, to further my educational pursuits changed my life completely, not only did my country of birth/residence change to my adopted country/residence (as occurred in the late winter of 1977/1978, on March 2 via American Airlines Flt # 666, which left Barbados @ 2:30 pm and arrived in New York @ 6:24 pm), but this decision also changed my life as I had known it up to that time, because I had to live on my own for the first time in my life, approximately 3000 miles away from all that had been personal to me up to that time. All that has occurred after my arrival in the country of my adopted residence (legally) to study and start my life anew is an outcome of that decision and as a result, ’77 is the most strategic number for me personally and THIS CAN NEVER BE ALTERED BY ANYONE. On the other hand, for the Proprietorship, the number 25, the founding date is easily the most important and critical date of importance.

From the point-of-view of a label for me the most strategic was the decision of my parents to name me after my later father [James Francis Brazant (JFB), - see the post A TRIBUTE TO MY LATE MOTHER]. Even though it would eventually bring complications (manipulated by those with ulterior motives in later years), these unique initials have made me the individual I have become today and (now at least one of these initials has been passed on the my son whose middle initial in also F, making this three generations with this initial). IN SPITE OF ALL THE EVENTS ASSOCIATED WITH HAVING THE IDENTICAL NAME AS MY LATE FATHER, I WOULD NOT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY.


J_F_Brazant said...

These numbers and labels has ZERO SIGNIFICANCE FOR ANYONE else BUT ME. These unique numbers and labels were not chosen to give any "Society" types in search of identities, legitimacy, regardless of whose support they may have.

J_F_Brazant said...

For those who have made it their business to try to discredit all my school memorabilia for the purpose of supporting the legitimacy of “Society” types, for one reason or another, please note that you will soon be running out of options for your chosen roles.

In addition, the selection of an individual to fill the strategically significant Open Position role for the Proprietorship has not been carried out as of the issuing of this post.