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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Misrepresentation for the purpose of this discussion, as documented in the Proprietorship’s “Services Offering/Business Arrangements Update” of 8/21/2012 (see copy below), includes but is not limited to: identity switching; mail diversion; medical/other records duplication and actively using all forms of unethical practices to maintain such as legitimate (up to an including the staging of accidents see the post CRISES “INDUCED” IDENTITY TRANSFER); frequenting past establishments in order to attempt to demonstrate a legitimacy that begins and ends within the State’s borders (see the series of posts on STRATEGIC NUMBERS AND LABELS - THE FINALE, GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY- UPDATED TO INCLUDE AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY W/INSERTS and THE COEXISTENCE OF DISSOLUTION AND TRIUMPH - UPDATED); income tax fraud involving: a) manipulating the tax code to provide Society’s” types advance awareness that they will be able to “file taxes legally”, b) stealing a State tax refund check (to assist in the filing of taxes legally) and c) the use of my children’s identities for legitimacy while transferring their accomplishments to other “Society’s” types (see the post MISNUMBERING AND ITS IMPLICATIONS); financial/bank records manipulation/transfer; the reliance on a plethora of “questionable” entities and ethically challenged “politicos” at all levels (federal, state & local) for non-existent legitimacy and assigning accomplishments to others while using Municipal/other similar resources to maintain/support “State” sponsored identity switching (see the post GIVING PROPER CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE).

The references for this carefully developed description are as follows:

Conservery Services Offering/Business Arrangements Updated of 8/21/2012


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