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ON 12/11/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant
They are some “Society’s” types who would expect me to remain in this environment as documented in this post in, which my basic rights to implement decisions in the best interests of the Proprietorship are repeatedly violated and ideas infringed upon and outright stolen (see comment # 1 from 12/5/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page); who themselves “cry” foul when a simple matter such as other company’s names showing up when the name of a Company under their ownership is retrieved when searched brings litigation from these types (see the article from the 12/16/2004 edition of the IBD on Page A5. Would anyone care to guess about whose best interests such types are usually looking out for when making their pronouncements?

ON 12/08/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant
The “actual” experiences of each of the Brazant homeschooled students can’t be changed by the closing of the Olin High School (where the initial high school graduations occurred), since beginning this past school year all high school activities were transferred to Anamosa, which was the mailing point for the Social Security Administration's bound mail in, which the questionable occurrences took place (as documented in the post GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED FOR AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY). It is my hope that this “coincidental” development, however, justifiable is not just another attempt to alter historical events just before my youngest daughter prepares to graduate (see the REPRESENTATION OF AN EXPERIMENT ON THE PROPRIETORSHIP'S NOTABLE INTERESTS PAGE). on THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS OF "SOCIETY'S" TYPES (EDITED 12/8/2012)

ON 12/07/2012 FROM  J_F_Brazant

This included mailing (shown below), contains details to help understand the reasons

why California generally remains an unworkable location for relocation purposes for the Proprietorship. on ADDENDUM TO CONSERVERY BASIS FOR LOCATIONS SELECTION/EXCLUSION - UPDATED

ON 12/05/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant

At the time when the Proprietorship’s initial Position was posted for a Legal/Media Relations Advisor, it was documented then that one of the reasons envisioned for creating such a position was to avoid a type of scenario where, information being provided to any individual, entity, etc. regardless of status would result in those with “marginal” (or “thin”) business operating “standards” absconding with the ideas provided because of their size/status, etc. and those individuals associated with such organizations not conducting, themselves to basic ethical standards expected (such as providing financial reimbursement for any ideas used); but choosing to “steal” and cover-up instead. Such things are known to occur and even though such individuals/entities actual practices may differ very significantly from their “hollow” sayings; I am confident that the decision not to proceed with this type of consultant going forward will not impact the Proprietorship’s operations in ANYWAY, (now or at any place or time in the future!) on ADDENDUM TO THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTION'S HISTORY (EDITED 12/3/2012) - UPDATED 

ON 12/04/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant
This Mogul is at it again, proving that my assessment of his words is indeed valid as in reviewing an old edition of the Investors Business Daily (IBD) from August 13, 2004 on page A3 he is quoted as follows "We just stick with what we understand. If we stray, we will have done so inadvertently, not because we go reckless and substitute hope for rationality”. This is a very bold statement, which I have referred to on the pages of this Blog as being “hollow” (see comment # 1 from 12/1/2012 on THIS Page). Are you willing to prove that I am incorrect Mr. Mogul? My point is this, what do you know about the conferring of school diplomas and whose identities are valid and alternately those, which are not simply because in one case you benefit financially and the other you do not? I am willing to go out on a limb here and state that you Sir, have not only “strayed” but are up to your waist deep in uncharted territory.
It is common sense that simply (THE WAY YOU LIKE TO KEEP THINGS) FREQUENTING PAST ESTABLISHMENTS AS A MARK OF LEGITIMACY does not demonstrate “authenticity”. (For example purchasing photographic from a Photo(Pro)fessional establishment previously frequented by me for purchases and purchasing equipment in my name does NOT make a con artist James F. Brazant, and the Owner of a camera he never touched literally. To pursue this logic, being used by your “Society’s” types, if I were to enter a past establishment frequented by You and proceeded to attempt to purchase products in your name, would this make me the omnipotent “Mogul” you are claiming to be? No it would not and similarly those hiding with phony accounts because your “Society’s” types close my financial accounts to facilitate identity switching does not make such types valid and you know this to be true. Your silence in the face of your own words is proving me correct in stating that they are indeed “hollow” words. on THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTION'S HISTORY (EDITED 12/3/2012) - UPDATED

Missouri has now been added to those locations excluded from consideration as a relocation destination. Furthermore, the locations included in this exclusion “Club” (included any with a conditional/case-by-case designation) will require a very STRONG case to be made for the serious consideration of any such area in any of these locations so classified on this post and even then, there is no guaranty that such an effort will result in a change of status. PLEASE NOTE: ALL OTHER LOCATIONS SHOULD NOT AUTOMATICALLY BE ASSUMED TO BE SERIOUS RELOCATION DESTINATIONS. on ADDENDUM TO CONSERVERY BASIS FOR LOCATIONS SELECTION/EXCLUSION - UPDATED

There is a process being termed “school records mining” in, which those who for one reason or another cannot complete their studies, “mine” (or ‘trawl”) anywhere for the remotest of connection that would allow such to be snatched from an unsuspecting individual whose identity, school records and accomplishments are being carved-up, dissected and sold off to the highest bidders by “Society’s” types and their supporters engaged in perpetual wealth-generating schemes. What apparently takes place is to try to match wealthy willing purchasers in need of school records with records of actual students who are being imprisoned as some thought that their exploits would never come to light, because it's no telling how far and wide who and where such records may end up propping up. Therefore if my Pratt school records are being claimed by some who never even went to that school, then my TCI records must also have been carved-up and sold off to those “Society’s” types with access to cash but no ability to have completed studies but have been provided with ready-made records. One thing is certain, anyone using school contributions (such as at the school, actually attended by me or any other for example), as a means of paying for qualifications would most likely be an on-going contributor in excess measure of a well-known corporation(s) especially when such contributions are not to “coincidentally” to their school of record. Anyone fitting such a profile should be suspected because something is amidst. Likewise, any relying on my school records from TCI for their source of school work will forever be stuck with the use of the NUMBER 67 (see the post STRATEGIC NUMBERS AND LABELS). Regardless of how odd it may seem, whether international or otherwise, if any individual is stuck with this number, (one point of note all my funds for paying for attendance at TCI, copies of, which are still in my possession were paid through Barclays Bank), chances are that individual who is relying on the records from TCI and those responsible for the sale of such are busy covering-up any possible avenue exposed to keep their cash-cow perpetual wealth generating scheme alive as well as how some with access to wealth and other “Society’s” types obtain “qualifications”. One thing is certain, one Mega Conglomerate known internationally for their “fair” treatment of employees who gained international attention towards the turn of the 21st century (approximately) for having one of their young heirs return a school diploma because she did not EARN it (somewhere in the Northeast), would never (THIRTEEN TIMES) ever be involved in any such pyramid schemes. on THE EXTREME MAKOVER OF CON ARTIST TYPES, HOW COMMON IS IT?

ON 12/01/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant

What is this I read in an old edition of the WSJ from 7/28/2011, the omnipotent Mogul WRONG ON TAXES? How could this be, he never makes mistakes when he in his alter ego as “Emperor of Credentials “confers” degrees on “Society’s” types in his perpetual wealth-generating schemes so how could he be wrong on taxes? Well as it turn out the Omnipotent Mogul is doing “fuzzy” math with his higher tax talk on the wealthy. The biggest point of contention the article writer had with this Mogul is that corporations pay up to 35% tax on their profits before a dime is passed on to shareholders. In turn the “real” rate on corporate income paid to individuals through capital gains and dividends is not in reality 15% but closer to 45% once the tax on corporate profits is added in. Furthermore, if this dividend tax rises to 20% from 15% then the total tax paid to shareholders would be in turn closer to 50% (excluding state and local taxes). As the article author concluded, the tax system is already far too reliant on the wealthy to pay the government’s bills in terms of the share of all income taxes paid and the effective tax rate on this group (millionaires and billionaires) much higher, not lower, than any other income category. “The best way to balance the budget is for the economy to produce a lot more “American” success stories like” this Mogul. Why does this Mogul advocate such insincere solutions? In reality, how can such successes materialize when this omnipotent Mogul is in everyone’s affairs (playing god), by determining who is worthy of their own identities, as well as whom credentials should be conferred in his attempt to be sure that he is ensured of perpetual wealth generation and ultimately who is worthy of “surviving” (or in effect living) if it impact his ability to generate wealth at the expense of those whose rights he tramples on along the way, by teaching his “Society’s” types to take from others no matter how violent the methods employed as long as he receives his kickbacks they can be assured that their unethical practices will be covered up it. (I am almost positive that his business methodology was NOT learned at Columbia as he indicated where his business studies originated). on MERE OBJECTS FOR THE "LEGITIMACY" OF OTHERS and THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTIONS HISTORY

ON 11/30/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant

They are those who are of the opinion that because of the complex identity selling, perpetual wealth-generating pyramid scheme they have dreamt-up, which is an international money-maker that they can continue to play “god” indefinitely, but all “good” things have an end point, that’s the reality of living life in the “clear”. The below Lease Statement shows the complex mechanism utilized to ensure that a con artist’s "number” is placed on all major
Dejon and I at the time the pick-up was taken delivery of in 1997
transactions entered into by me in this inept method of “legitimacy” granting by the granter of such privileges, the “Emperor” of “credentials” himself. This use of this number must be clarified to exclude a legitimate coincidence, in the check written as a means of providing my son with a small token for his efforts in the Design of the initial Conservery Website (see below copy of check #2533 from 2/23/2002 & Website composite). This token of appreciation
Composite of the initial Conservery Website - 2001
to him has NOTHING to do with any con artist (and others) hiding behind their labels and numbers for the transfer of easy “legitimacy”. on AN ABBREVIATED LISTING OF THE SIGNS THAT YOU (SOCIETY'S TYPES) HAVE BECOME IMPRISONED IN ANOTHER'S IDENTITY - UPDATED/REVISED

ON 11/29/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant

Since it is clear that the Challenge cannot be addressed as “Society’s” types were not provided with upfront information, which could be reproduced, since experiences are more than placing LABELS AND NUMBERS on targeted locations as an indication of “legitimacy” and involve actual experiences, had the impostors pretending to have the exact same professional experiences as I did, should have known had they been in the Company as the “Titan” (based in CT and whose support was critically needed, by other “Society’s” types maintains - see comment # 3 from 11/28/2012 on THIS Page). The date was associated with the events surrounding the first major project/assignment that I was given as a young Applications Engineer at The Kerite Company. It involves the developments (an obstacle) that occurred with the purchase of high voltage test equipment needed for my first major project’s success and it’s eventual resolution (see the below photos included).


ON 11/28/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant
I was carrying out some research of my own to determine how some Mogul types go about earning the reputation gained in order to “elicit” the cooperation of critically important individuals to ensure the continuation and/or implementation of perpetual wealth-generation schemes and I discovered the following. In the May 13, 2005 edition of the WSJ on page A3, a certain Arbiter’s debt ratings were cut by the Agencies to a “notch” above “junk” status. Assuming a hypothetical scenario such as this, what if such pressure was being applied mainly to illicit the cooperation of another Titan type, needed for some reason. Well it is clear that in these circles such methods are known to work, and by 2007, a certain very cooperative Titan individual is mentioned in the WSJ's April 28/29, edition on page A5 as publicly expressing “admiration” for this Mogul. When such powerful “types” then unite to bring about their desired objectives regardless of whose rights are trampled, “unified success” is achieved in an ‘intimidating” fashion. All I have to do is look around me for what has been attempted to my identity and accomplishments; maybe the reputation really is deserved (because the “fingerprints” of these types are not usually found but their methods sure can be seen in the pursuit of their intended outcome). on THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTIONS HISTORY

In re-emphasizing a point previously made in various comments on this Blog’s pages (and specifically on comment # 1 from 11/23/2012 accessed via the PREVIOUS COMMENTS link on the COMMENTS 1 Page as well as on comment # 1 from 11/28/2012 on the COMMENTS 1 Page), for the record and those in the habit of altering historical records; neither my Father’s nor Mother’s heritages involve any connection to “any” Asian type links and mangling my former Spouse’s ancestry into my family’s isn’t allowed simply to provide those without history with links in return for perpetual wealth-generating schemes simply because selected mergers (such as documented in the 10/12/2004 edition of the WSJ on page B6) can be arranged and via the use of "creative" LABELS AND NUMBERS such as the use of the number 24, histories can be altered. A feature concocted by those with resources and trying to reinvent new avenues for returns on their investment known as targeted “location” “(re)positioning” investing. That’s why no one (apart from “Society’s” types) really know what is being merged and what is being acquired in these large international M & As, because they are so deliberately complicated. on MY FATHER'S TRADITIONAL LEGACY - WHO FULFILLED IT?

As previously stated on this Blog’s Pages in comment # 3 from 11/24/2012 on the THIS Page, events just “coincidentally” occur in the lives of those whom “Society’s” types are targeting; such as occurred to my Mother on September 29, 1991, exactly one hundred and eleven (111) days after I relocated to Iowa in 1991, when she passed away on that notable day. There are those for whom LABELS AND NUMBERS are such a representation of reality (see comment # 1 from 11/27/2012 on THIS Page and the below photo regarding my first residence in Iowa), that
they have concluded since she “coincidentally” passed away on the TWENTY-NINTH (29TH), with the “stoke of luck” of this occurrence, such a “nugget” can be utilized in the altering of historical records to provide a “hapless” con artist with no: “vehicle”, “history”, “identity”, “meaningful skills” or “pets” a “new life” in the 29th State and by so doing cover-up the events in the fourteenth (14th) State from circa 1990 and all things can be reinvented around this “timely” occurrence in order that my Mother could be provided with a son she NEVER had, KNEW NOTHING about and WOULD NEVER BE COMPLICIT WITH in anything that would have altered her heritage as well as that of my Father; regardless of the brand of magical “tea” consumed to concoct such nonsense. I cannot think of any other explanation for such dribble, these individuals must be drinking “funny tea” and in possession of resources enough to “invest” in magic acts [and/or EASILY OBTAINED CREDIBILITY (EDITED) ] to have dreamt up such “tales”, with little regard for whose rights are trampled upon along the way, (including the dearly departed). on HOW ARE X-RAYS AND A DIVIDEND CHECK CONNECTED ?

ON 11/27/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant
They are those Mogul types who are known for their “awesome” reputations (as documented in the August 1, 2003 edition of the WSJ, on page C5) with the potential to “intimidate” likely competition and/or opponents unless the (# 14) “way” of certain of such Mogul types is agreed with. This snippet from that Publication questioned the “safety” of dealing with such a Mogul type. In spite of this reputation (whether “fairly” or unfairly earned), it is being requested that the various communications with him over the years beginning on September 9, 2001 (just two days prior to an infamous (see below photo) attack in this Country, and previously documented
in the post on this Blog, COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS); be set aside and the relocation decision of this Proprietorship described in the follow-up communication dated September 9, 2003 (see below photo) be respected as much has changed since those communications took

place (see the post STRATEGIC LABELS AND NUMBERS - THE FINALE and the CONSERVERY AUTHORIZATION PAGE). The question occurred to me had I known then that my identity was mangled in quid pro quo deal making, would I have followed the same course of action? Honestly, I cannot say with any degree of certainty, but the advice of my Mother serves as a reminder, “I can trust you” (to do what’s right in spite of the “hindrances”). Standing up for the preservation of my Father’s and Mother’s individual identities is definitely worth the effort (even though the counsel of a wise lady was overlooked when certain decisions were made as documented in the post MY FATHER’S TRADITIONAL LEGACY, WHO FULFILLED IT?) knowing her, the type of advice she would give would be, “stay strong on traveling the road least traveled”. on THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTIONS HISTORY and ADDENDUM TO CONSERVERY BASIS FOR LOCATIONS SELECTION/EXCLUSION - UPDATED

The specific Folkstone area of the Bel Air Crest District of Los Angeles County, California is excluded from the remainder of the State, which remain unworkable for the purpose of serving as a relocation destination for the Conservery Proprietorship.

It is said that those without actual memory (or history) rely on LABELS AND NUMBERS, (see the posts THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY as well as "VIRTUALS" AND THEIR SELECTION OF LABELS AND NUMBERS), advertising (see the post ADVERTISING TRUE PURPOSE), and myriads of paid supporters, that is why any trapping that affords them the semblance of “legitimacy” is desperately obtained at any cost (such as a camera), no matter how elaborate the scheme utilized in this regard (as documented in this post) up to and including searching computer files while online (unknown to you because equipment exists that allows hackers to “trawl” computer files of those such are targeting in search of information for any evidence they can steal to provide them with any visible signs of "legitimacy" (such as copies of addressed letters from my Mother to provide them with the credibility they are lacking in, (see the post ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE) for examples of the type of practices employed by these types desirous of EASILY OBTAINED CREDIBILITY (EDITED). This is why, great care has to be exercised when online, in not leaving an “open door” via computerized files for being defrauded or compromised in any way. These methods are all different forms of IDENTITY CRUTCHES, without, which those lacking in “real” history would be meaningless “empty” shells as they truly are. However, the one thing that “Society’s” types cannot really steal is your memories (even though I have heard of reports that methods are available via, which even memory can be erased). In spite of this, the one thing that cannot be stolen even if modern methods are in existence, which “lock” such thoughts away temporarily, they cannot really steal “actual” memories regardless of much those Mogul types with plentiful resources use in this regard. I wonder why these types “love” impostors with such obvious support. I wonder if the hi(stories) of such Mogul types, in addition to their investments could withstand intense scrutiny and examination. Maybe very choice “nuggets” may be discovered as occurred when a closer search of just the Income Tax instructions for tax year 2011 took place (see the post ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS).  on THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTIONS HISTORY

ON 11/26/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant

I’m not the type of individual who needed the input/support of many self interested onlookers to provide me with direction or easily obtained credentials, in return for carrying out questionable quid pro quo deals and favors about what was in my best interests, because as a very wise Lady often reminded me in her many letters “I CAN TRUST YOU…YOU ARE DIFFERENT WHEREVER AND WHENEVER (probably meant whatever) YOU ARE DOING…AND HAVE SET OUT TO DO, SO DON’T LET NOTHING HINDER YOUR PROGRESS”, (see the below excerpt composite from my Mother of May 17, 1978). I know what is in my best interest and it involves relocation to the direction indicted on this Blog’s post ADDENDUM TO CONSERVERY BASIS FOR LOCATIONS SELECTION/EXCLUSION - UPDATED, regardless of who may disagree, mindful of my very wise Mother’s quotes over the years. on THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING  A TRANSACTIONS HISTORY

Cris (short for Christopher) mentioned in my Mother's letter, would be her brother and my late uncle, the youngest of her four brothers 

ON 11/25/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant
When information about the relocation's details are ready to be released, they will be announced, as appropriate. on ADDENDUM TO CONSERVERY BASIS FOR LOCATIONS SELECTION/EXCLUSION - UPDATED 

Some con artists take adaptability to the limit, so whatever Photo(graphic) Pro(fessional) establishment such an individual my have purchased his named model from, in a fictitious identity (for “legitimacy”), it was all in vain; because today (note the time in the below receipt - on COMMENTS 1 Page), I sold my similar equipment in
the interest of not providing cover to any “Society’s” type fraud and miscellaneous details. on MY FATHER'S TRADITIONAL LEGACY - WHO FULFILLED IT?

ON 11/24/2012 FROM J_F_Brazant

Knowing how unusual occurrences (or "coincidences") just happen to develop at the opportune time to impact those whom "Society's" types are targeting; is what led me to include the statement on the photo in comment (# 2 from today 11/24/2012) regarding "last minute surprises" (see photo below) and hoping that the transaction and other factors in his daily routine will go smoothly for my son! MERE OBJECTS FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS - UPDATED

This is Dejon's actual Chevy Malibu vehicle, which he completed the purchase of and picked up today - it's beige 
All comments prior to Comment # 3 from 11/24/2012 can be found in the below link 

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