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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


They are those with a certain Moguls type belief, namely that financial inducements typically will win out in every situation. However, as discovered by a certain Asian Nation that follows this course of thinking, this is not always the case. This difficult lesson, means that in some instances, other issues can supersede even “billons in aid” as documented in that popular daily/weekend Business Publication from June 8, 2012 (A1/12), because as of the date of that article’s publication, sentiment in the Nation, which had been induced with such payments was seeing a backlash because National pride was at stake.
Similarly, those who who took many liberties with my history, identity, accomplishments and qualifications and their supporters is finding out that “purchasing” your way and networking is not always a guarantee of success regardless of employing methods such as: using inducements to effect support for their cause (based on favors and/or financial gain) in addition to overstating his level of support to attempt to effect caving in to his cause because of the inevitability of his obtaining success regardless of stated lack of interest in being in his “Society” or any other similar club.
Blatant unethical behavior and “gloating” about the ability to carry out such is unbecoming of any so-called “omnipotent Mogul”. Not all can and will be induced to employ unethical methods to carry out this Mogul’s  “bidding”. It just takes one to say no to his obsession with profits and wealth generation at all costs in spite of the measures used to get his targeted objective. This Mogul has no right to treat the rights of any individual with the type of blatant disrespect his “Society’s” types use because of this Mogul’s resources. SOME, WHO WORSHIP RESOURCES MAY HAVE PLEDGED ALLEGIANCE TO THIS MOGUL’S CAUSE FOR AN EASIER LIFE, BUT THE PRICE OF BEING IN HIS “SOCIETY” IS TOO HIGH FOR ME!


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