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Friday, March 16, 2012


When mentioning "Twists And Turns" included in the above subject in a posting on one of the pages on this Applications Page on this Blog on 3/15/2012; it was intended to be a literal interpretation (see Post about "Feelings and Lonliness"). For example, on Monday, 3/13/2012 prior to visiting with Danielle, a stop was made at the Local tire repair facility, (see insert below), to repair a bearing
Receipt of work completed on Bearing
Replacement of 3/12/2012
Vehicle on which work was carried out,
included here for reference purposes only 

assembly on the rear driver’s side of the vehicle that had become unbearably noisy (the tire itself had only been installed a few days earlier). I am neither a believer in coincidences (nor "Bi Professional Superstition"), (see COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS - UPDATED); nevertheless FACTUAL HISTORICAL EVENTS, cannot be ignored. 

However, on my way to visit Danielle again on 3/15/2012, while on the Highway near the Eastern Iowa Airport Exit, the tire on the rear passenger side of the vehicle simply ruptured (for unknown reasons). After, replacing the ruptured tire with the Spare on the shoulder of the Highway, I exited it, found the nearest facility and replaced the tire (see below insert), before continuing

Receipt for work completed on Tire Replcement of 3/15/2012

on my way to visit with Danielle. IT IS DEVELOPMENTS SUCH AS THESE THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO DIVERT FROM FOCUSED OBJECTIVES, whether coincidences or “other events.”

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