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Sunday, March 11, 2012


This update serves to remind those who think that "sponsoring" events such as those identified in the post TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF REASONS FOR EXCLUDING LOCATION(S) FROM CONSIDERATION, using their proxies; that actual historical facts will always trump staged activities intent on altering history to prop up “virtuals” and their supporters. For those who do not follow this line of thought, the details included will offset any misinformation circulating about the events surrounding the January/February 2001 trip to Trinidad (and hopefully those about the events surrounding Danielle "accident" of 3/4/2012, and specifically THOSE WHO APPEAR TO BE BENEFITING FROM HER CURRENT STATUS).
Please see the included Passport Envelopes below for Danielle, Dawn and Dejon from their 2001 trip to Trinidad along with me. The enclosures all include the applicable photos for each of the three.

Danielle's Passport Envelope and Photo from 2001

Dawn's Passport envelop and Photo from 2001

Dejon's Passport Envelope and Photo from 2001

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