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Thursday, March 22, 2012


My Federal Income Tax Return was filed/mailed in 2/11/2012 (see COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS UPDATED/REVSIED), and at that time, a check was made on the IRS Site and it correctly indicated that response to paper returns should be expected approximately six (6) weeks after mailing, and this was the typical date responses have been obtained/received by me.
Approximately three (3) weeks after my returns were filed, my daughter Danielle suffered an unexplainable debilitating traumatic brain injury (TBI) "accident" on 3/4/2012. On 3/20/2012, the Officer in charge of the investigation called me to inquire about Danielle’s status (see photo below) and I took the time to inquire about the status of his Report, to, which he replied that it was almost completed and would be issued after his return from vacation the week of 3/25/2012; making the Report issue date, due during the first week of April.
Call received from Police Officer in charge of competing Danielle's "accident" investigation
The six-week duration for receipt of my tax return refund is due this week the week of 3/22/2012). My son Dejon, who filed a paper return, (but on the week of 2/19/2012, received his refund on an efficient four (4) week turn around, during the week of 3/11/2012. I am unsure of Danielle’s Tax filing action prior to her unfortunate “accident”, but I am aware that she was an electronic filer.
Since, there are some identity thieves who have no ethical standards, this post is being issued to serve as a reminder that, staging debilitating “accidents” as a diversion in an effort to divert federal tax returns is not just one but multiple felonies. For the record, let me state it again: 1) staging an accident that no one in the Cedar Rapids Police Department wants responsibility for completing the report (since they either currently are or very soon will be three (3) Police Captains in charge of the Department on a rotating basis), is a FELONY (attempted murder), 2) diverting mail intended for one individual and making it available to an identity thief is a FELONY, for mail fraud and another FELONY for the depositing of these funds in an illegally obtained account. There are at least three (3) FELONIES so far and if further review is carried out more could be found. The taxes filed by me and the expected refund is to be delivered to me, THE RESIDENT/OWNER OF 8263 140th AVE, OLIN, IA FOR THE PAST TWENTY YEARS. Please do not add more felonies to maintain an unsustainable cover-up of international proportions, with the trail of individuals considered inconsequential growing by leaps and bounds. [EX. 1)  Edith, my brother’s original wife whose end in Barbados (West indies) remains clouded; 2) one noted fashion designer in London, a dresser of the elite, died by hanging under suspicious circumstances; 3), Damien, my sister June’s only son, death by “accidental”drowning (in Barbados, West indies), in late 2011 and 4) Danielle, TBI due to an unexplainable “accident” and there may be others I am not aware of.]


J_F_Brazant said...

I have been attempting to make arrangements for a temporary apartment closer to Danielle's long-term facility. However, I am NOT moving forward with any arrangements without my income tax refund.

Sunday  Hindman said...

I’m sorry for what happened to your daughter Danielle. From what I heard about that kind of injury, it’s the type that effectively paralyzes a part of the body. That must have been quite a shock for you, considering you didn’t even know how it happened. It’s a smart decision not to make any action until you’ve received your tax refund. However, it’s also important to seek advice from a tax expert if you want to make any progress with your case.