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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I received this Notice of Violation (NOV) in the mail today, which is being updated in this post to include time clarification details for an event that is
Notice of Violation (NOV) from 3/17/2012 Received 3/29/2012 and Miscellaneous Details
supposed to have occurred on 3/17/2012 around 4:23 pm (see included photo above). This Notice on the right # 01110284766 indicates that I was traveling at 69 mph while returning from visiting Danielle in the Hospital in Iowa City on the indicated date. The timing is very important, because I stopped to have the vehicle serviced in the local establishment (see MISNUMBERING AND ITS IMPLICATIONS), when the time was documented as 3:37 pm and this is the approximate time when I stopped for service since the parking lot receipt (above photo, lower right) documents my leaving at 3:22 pm, after, which I stopped 15 minutes later for the service. After spending around twenty (20) minutes there, I left the establishment around 4:00 pm. Due to the events that took place with the documenting of the questionable mileage/Odometer reading, the photo above right was taken on my arrival at my current Olin, IA residence around 5:17 pm (the camera setting had not yet been adjusted for DST).

On I380 between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City the maximum speed of 70 mph is permitted and on entering the Cedar Rapids city limits, maximum speeds of 55 mph resume. Between Iowa City and my Olin, IA residence is approximately 70 miles. If the NOV is taken into consideration, this would indicate that speeds consistent with the 70 mph would have been traveled even after the 70 mph limit ended, which would have placed me in Olin, in an hour (or around 5:00 pm). However, the 5:17 pm arrival time is an indication that slower speeds were traveled than the constant 70 mph suggested in the NOV (as no other stops were made). SINCE NONE OF THIS, IS WORTH THE EXPENDITURE OF TIME NEEDED TO BE INVESTED TO CONTEST, I WILL PAY THE VIOLATION, IN ORDER THAT DANIELLE’S ACCIDENT REPORT [WHICH IS DUE TO BE ISSUED NEXT WEEK, (the week of 4/1/2012)], WILL BE FREE OF ANY CONSTRAINTS THAT WILL STAND IN THE WAY OF OFFERING A CRITICAL REVIEW IF SUCH IS WARRANTED.


J_F_Brazant said...

When this Ticket is paid, it will be documented here.

J_F_Brazant said...

This Ticket has now been paid.

J_F_Brazant said...

Today I retraced my path over the infamous Bridge, which is the subject of this Ticket at approximately 10:50 am ONLY but in the opposite direction, when taking Danielle to address her School’s graduation requirements and a large number of vehicles just happened to be traveling south as I was on I380. Being very cautious, I took the time to ensure that my speed was between 50 and 55 mph as required.